Photo of a Portable Air ConditionerIn the past, if you didn’t have a central air conditioning unit in your home, then you were pretty much out of lucky when it came to cooling it down.

Fortunately, the advancement of technology in home air conditioning and cooling systems has come a long way since then and now anyone can enjoy a chilled room no matter how hot it is outside.

Today, the most popular devices for how to cool your home cheap include window AC units and portable air conditioners. There are also a number of free ways for how to keep a room cool in the summer without AC and cooler.

Take a look at the articles below to learn everything you need to know about getting relief from the heat while indoors and how air conditioners work in homes.

Photo of Air ConditionersThe History of Air Conditioning

If you’re like most people, then you probably take air conditioning for granted. But, did you know that this technology used to be considered a luxury? Now, AC is considered an essential part of living. Read about the full history of air conditioning and how it has advanced to what we have today.

Graphic of GraphThe Ultimate List of Air Conditioning Facts and Statistics

Do you like facts, figures or statistics? If so, then this post will definitely fascinate you! We’ve compiled a list of the top data points related to air conditioning, including how many homes in the U.S. now have AC units, what the economic costs are for enjoying cool air and more.

Photo of Cooling IdeasSimple Ways to Cool Down Your Home

In the warmest months, it’s tempting to crank the air conditioning in order to cool down. However, even the cheapest AC unit does come with a cost since it uses electricity. In this post, we show you several easy ways to cool down your home so you can rely less on your AC device.

Photo of Water ParticlesHow Does Humidity Affect Air Conditioning?

No one likes humidity. It makes us uncomfortable and exhausted to say the least. Humidity also affects how well your air conditioner works. Take a look at this article to find out what issues are related to humidity levels and solutions you can consider to make your home environment more bearable.

Photo of Window Air Conditioner InstalledHow Does a Window Air Conditioner Work?

Perhaps you’re using a window air conditioner inside your home, but do you really know how it works to cool the air? These unique devices pack a lot of power inside of a small box. Take a look at this article to learn about the fascinating process behind how these AC units work.

Photo of AC UnitBenefits of Using a Window Air Conditioner

Are you in the market for buying a window air conditioner? If so, then this post is a good one for you to read. It goes over all of the benefits you can expect by using a window AC unit inside your home. You’ll be surprised at the many perks it offers in addition to being a great way to cool you down.

Photo of AC Digital ControlsAvailable Features on Window Air Conditioners

Window AC units come in all shapes and sizes, and are used in a variety of locations. Before you go off and make a purchase on a new window air conditioner, it’s a good idea for you to become aware of the different functions and features you can get on a device.

Photo of Top Selling ProductChoosing The Best Window AC Unit for Your Home

Shopping for a window AC unit can be a tough task, especially with all of the different options that you’re faced with in stores. In this guide, we go over every aspect of what you should consider when choosing a window air conditioner for your home, as well as a list of the top choices you can buy.

Photo of ChalkboardWindow Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide: Problems And Solutions

Like any home appliance, a window air conditioner needs to be maintained properly in order for it to last a lifetime. However, there may come a time when issues pop up that concern you. In this guide, we’ll share the top problems you may encounter and how to fix them.

Photo of a Portable Air Conditioning UnitHow Does a Portable Air Conditioner Work?

Portable air conditioners are one of the best ways to cool a home, because you can move the unit from room to room without much hassle. But, do you know how these products actually work? Do you know why they still need to be connected to a window in order to cool a room down?

Photo of an Evaporative CoolerHow Does a Ventless (Evaporative) Air Cooler Work?

Ventless air conditioners are a great investment. They’re different from a portable air conditioner in the fact that they can be moved from room to room without having to be connected to a window. How come? Take a look at this article to find out for yourself how these devices work.

Graphic of Post TitleAir Conditioning Versus Evaporative Cooling

When you’re looking to cool down a room, there are two types of methods to achieve this goal: air conditioning and evaporative cooling. If you don’t know what these terms mean or how each is different from the other, we highly suggest that you read this post.

Photo of Portable AC Unit and MoneyHow a Portable Air Conditioner Can Save You Money

Not sure if you should buy a portable air conditioner or not? Do you think it may cost more to use that your central air conditioning unit? This article goes over everything you need to know about how a portable AC unit can save you money on your electric bill each month.

Photo of Product ComparisonShould You Buy a Portable or Window Air Conditioner?

Here’s something a lot of people don’t know… not ever household can use a portable air conditioner or a window AC unit. In fact, if you by the wrong type then you’ll be wasting your money. Take a look at this post to find out which type of product you should get for your home.

Photo of A Portable ACChoosing the Best Portable and Ventless AC Unit for Your Home

Not all portable and ventless air conditioners are the same. Each one operates differently and is ideal for certain locations depending on the level of humidity. Take a look at this post to find out how to choose the best product for your needs so you don’t waste money on the wrong device.

Photo of A Cheap Portable AC UnitBest Cheap Portable Air Conditioner (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Are you looking to cool your home with a portable air conditioner but don’t want to spend a lot of money? If so, this post is for you. We’ll show you what to look for in a low cost portable AC unit and share what the top three products are you can buy today.

Photo of Multiple Air Conditioners6 Types of Home Air Conditioning Systems and How They Work

Did you know that there are at least six types of AC systems you can use in your home? If not, you’ll find this guide informative. Here, we’ll introduce each air conditioning system type and explain how each type works to provide cooling comfort throughout the house.

Photo of ChalkboardCommon Portable Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions

Like any home appliance, portable air conditioners can go on the fritz. In this guide, we help you troubleshoot the most common problems by giving you the simple solutions. If your portable AC unit is acting up, give these tips a try before calling a technician.

Infographic10 Air Conditioning Facts And Statistics [Infographic]

Learn some interesting facts and statistics about air conditioning in this detailed infographic. Find out things like how much money the U.S. population spends each year to keep their homes cool, how income levels affect which type of air conditioner a family uses, and more.

Photo of a Portable AC UnitHow to Maintain a Portable Air Conditioner

Buying a portable air conditioner for your home is a wise investment. However, in order to keep it running cold and in good condition you’ll need to properly maintain it. Find out everything you need to know about simple portable AC maintenance here.

Photo of WindowThe Best Window and Portable Air Conditioner Brands and Manufacturers

Looking to buy a window or portable air conditioner but not sure which one to get? Well, here are the top brands you can trust when shopping for a home air conditioning device. Learn about each company and the type of products they produce.