Photo of Air Quality Protestors
Image by Friends of Earth Scotland | CC By 2.0

The concerns over air pollution are steadily on the rise throughout the world. According to the American Lung Association, 4 out of 10 people live in an area where the quality of air that they breathe on a daily basis is rated “F.”

It’s no surprise that this low level of air quality that many of us encounter also leads to adverse effects on our health.

Take a look at the articles below to find out more information related to air pollution and your well-being.

Photo of a CurtainWhat is Indoor Air Pollution and What Causes it?

Did you know that there are a number of indoor air pollutants that cause breathing and health problems? In this article you’ll find out what indoor air pollution is and what causes it. You’ll also discover how you can reduce it inside your home.

Photo of Dirty Air QualityWhat is Air Quality?

Do you know exactly what is air quality? Would you know the difference between good air and bad air if you saw it? At first you may think you do, but in fact it’s not always that easy to tell how bad the quality of air is around you. Find out more about what air quality is in this post.

Photo of a Woman Walking in Air PollutionAir Pollution Causes and Effects on Human Health

There are different kinds of air pollution that occur indoors as opposed to outdoors. Each one has a different effect on human health. In this post, we’ll explain the differences and talk about the various air pollution causes and effects on human health.

Graphic of an Air Quality Alert SignWhat is an Air Quality Alert?

Have you ever seen on TV or heard on the radio that an air quality alert warning has been raised? Do you know what this really means? If not, then check out this article so you know when you should be concerned or not when this alert comes out.

Graphic of AQICN DataWorld Air Quality Index Displays Real-Time Data Online

A Beijing based group, Air Quality Index China (AQICN), is gathering air quality data points from more than 70 countries around the world and displaying this data in real-time online. Now you can see in real-time how the air quality within your location is being affected by pollution.

Photo of Car ExhaustNew Study Links Air Pollution to High Blood Pressure

According to recent studies, high blood pressure is now linked to both short and long-term exposure to air pollution created by automobile exhaust and the burning fossil fuels. To find out more about this serious issue, take a look at this report.

Photo of BrainDiscovery: Air Pollution Penetrates the Brain

A new study has found a possible link between a toxic particle called Magnetite and degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and premature deaths. This magnetic iron oxide mineral has shown up inside the brain of several test subjects and a correlation between neurological diseases and air pollution may have been found.

Photo of PlantWays to Cut Down on Indoor Air Pollution

Are you fed up with the poor level of indoor air quality inside your home? Did you know that there are ways in which you can naturally reduce indoor air pollution that lead to breathing better and a healthier life? If not, take a look at this article where we share 12 tips on how you can improve the quality of air in your home.

Photo of Power Plant36 Air Pollution Facts and Health Statistics

Did you know that only 28% of Americans think that their health may be effected by vehicle exhaust? Or, that that fastest growing cause of death in Asia is from air pollution? If not, you need to take a look at these facts and health statistics related to air quality. The numbers will shock you!

Photo of Power PlantAir Pollution Related Diseases and Illnesses

It’s no surprise that the increased levels of air pollution in our world is also leading to a rise in the number of diseases and illnesses. But, do you know exactly what health issues are most at risk? If not, take a look at this post to find out out air pollutants affect more than just breathing and your lungs.

Photo of InfographicIndoor Air Pollution is Worse Than You Think [Infographic]

If you’re like most people, you don’t really worry about air pollution unless your outside. However, the truth is that indoor air pollution is 2x-5x more polluted than the outdoors. How can this be? A closed indoor space traps more types of pollutants, which can’t escape and this leads to numerous health effects, including death. Take a look at this infographic to find out more about how serious this issue really is in today’s world.

Photo of Woman Sleeping and Air PollutionAir Pollution May Be Linked to Sleep Deficiencies

Researchers may have found a possible link between air pollution and lack of sleep. A new study and its findings was presented at the American Thoracic Society 2017 International Conference. The study included more than 1,800 participants and measure the levels of NO2 and PM2.5 around their homes.

Graphic of House with VOCsHow Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Affect Indoor Air Quality and Health

Volatile organic compounds are very misunderstood forms of indoor air pollution, yet often cause some of the worst health issues. Find out what VOCs are, what household products emit them and what you can do to protect yourself from these pollutants.

Graphic of InfographicsTop 12 Air Pollution & Air Quality Infographics for You to Use and Share

The facts and statistics related to air pollution and indoor air quality are shocking. Take a look at these infographics to find out how bad the air really is around you. The more you know, the better you can protect yourself.