7 Best Small Humidifiers for Your Home

Cold winter air doesn’t hold moisture as well as warm summer air. All that dry air in your home can cause cracked lips, bloody noses, and even more serious health problems like respiratory issues. Fortunately, the solution is a simple one: use small humidifiers. Humidifiers are fairly simple devices that release moisture into the air, […]

Choosing the best water for humidifiers explained

What is the Best Water for Humidifiers?

Excess moisture is often a bad thing. In your home, moisture can lead to mold, mildew, and health problems but lack of moisture can be just as problematic. Dry indoor air can lead to dry sinuses, cracked lips, and bloody noses. How do you fix it? Invest in a humidifier and furthermore use the best […]

are space heaters dangerous?

Are Space Heaters Dangerous? (Explained)

As temperatures continue to drop throughout the fall and into the winter, you may find yourself looking considering a space heater. Space heaters are a portable, convenient alternative to whole-home heating and they’re a great option if you’re just looking to warm a particular room in your house. They’re effective, but are space heaters dangerous?  […]