Cool Mist Humidifier on table next to succulents in front of woman reading book on couch

What is a Cool Mist Humidifier?

Low humidity can cause dry skin, itchy eyes and throat, and may even exacerbate problems with allergies and asthma. Different types of humidifiers all accomplish the same goal but they do so using various technologies. Humidifiers are generally divided into two categories: a cool mist humidifier and a warm mist humidifier.  Today we’re going to […]

diffusing humidifier next to succulent in small grey pot

Is a Diffuser a Humidifier? What To Know About Each

Home appliances can be expensive, so it’s wise to choose products that provide multiple functions, like an air fryer and convection oven, or a vacuum that also mops. The possibilities seem endless, but is a diffuser a humidifier? We have the scoop on these possibilities. Aromatherapy has a long history of use in traditional medicine […]

man with cold taking temperature on couch with dog next to humidifier

Can a Humidifier Make You Sick? What To Know

While using a humidifier can help reduce your risk for getting sick, help you recover more quickly and improve your family’s health in a couple ways, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Today we’re going to answer the question, “Can a humidifier make you sick?” Dry indoor air can […]

woman laying on ground next to humidifier surrounded by houseplants

How to Use a Humidifier the Right Way

Humidifiers are easy to use and they’re generally fairly affordable. They come in a variety of sizes and utilize different technologies to achieve their purpose. With so many options available, it’s important to take your time making a selection. It’s also important to know how to use a humidifier and maintain the unit properly.  Low […]

white and grey humidifier on kitchen counter

Here’s What a Humidifier Really Does — and If You Should Get One

Many people fail to think about the quality of the air in their homes. Poor indoor air quality can contribute to headaches, fatigue, respiratory problems, and even heart disease. Fortunately, there are plenty of home air quality products on the markets like humidifiers that address your specific needs. But what does a humidifier do to […]

modern white air purifier with silver control knob

What’s the Best Large Room Humidifier?

A large humidifier works well for bigger bedrooms, open floor plans, or small apartments. We know there’s no lack of options are the market, so we’ve done the research for you. Today we’ll talk about what to look for in finding the best large room humidifier for you and provide four recommendations from Amazon. With […]

woman taking deep breath next to humidifier

What’s the Best Humidifier for Sinus Problems?

While there are medical treatments for relieving sinus pressure, there are also things you can do at home to reduce your symptoms. Using the best humidifier for sinus problems, for example, might help. Today, we’ll talk about how humidifiers can help with sinus pressure and show you some options for the best humidifier for sinus […]

white humidifier on table in front of couch next to small plants

What’s the Best Humidifier for Allergies?

While environmental allergies are easier to avoid, indoor allergies are another matter entirely. If you suffer from allergies, you might consider using a humidifier to mitigate symptoms, so we’ve done all the research to help you find the best humidifier for allergies this season. Approximately 24 million people in the United States were diagnosed with […]

Humidifier and coughing woman in the background

Does a Humidifier Help with a Cough? What to Know

The coming of spring heralds the beginning of allergy sneezing. Many people can avoid these symptoms by limiting time outdoors but there are still factors indoors that can cause cough, dry skin, sore throat, and more. While looking out for your health, you’ve probably considered about the quality of the air in your home — […]

Woman adding essential oil to aroma diffuser

Can You Put Essential Oils in a Humidifier? Here’s What to Know

Humidifiers are easy to use and generally pretty affordable. They come in a variety of sizes with versatile functions. If you’re into homeopathy or aromatherapy, you may be wondering whether you can use your humidifier as a diffuser for essential oils. It’s only common sense to put your home products to work and multitask whenever […]