car air purifier on center console on car interior

Do You Need a Car Air Purifier? What To Know

More than ever before, people are prioritizing clean, healthy air. The world is hyper-aware of how airborne viruses can spread so easily. This has led to the rise of personal air purifiers. These helpful devices can help cleanse the air in your office and home. They are quite portable and not very expensive – some […]

large round industrial outdoor fan

What Are The Best Industrial Outdoor Fans?

As the time comes that we can start spending the day in our backyards enjoying the warm weather, we have the hack you need to stay cool without spraying yourself with the hose or paying the rising price of a pool. Since central air conditioning does not work outside, your best option is to go […]

Technician is checking air conditioner

Why You Need an Ionizer for Your HVAC System

The air quality of your home should never be taken for granted. It’s important to understand how to stay ahead of any potentially harmful invisible pollutants that could be circulating throughout your home. A great way to protect against airborne agents is to employ an air ionizer for HVAC system, although some people may even […]

man ice fishing with several fish on ice

What Is An Ice Fishing Heater?

While hearing the words “ice” and “heater” together might make you think of a melty mess, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, using a heater while ice fishing is actually a helpful thing to do — today, we’re taking a closer look at just that. We’ll also outline a few recommendations for […]

Air purifier in cozy white bedroom

Are Air Purifiers Worth the Money?

Clean, fresh air is always a good thing, right? Our bodies need it to function properly and stay healthy. So if a device came along that could purify the air within your home or office, why wouldn’t you throw down your hard earned money to get one? Air Purifiers are beginning to become more commonplace […]

woman building small towers with blocks that spell out "EER Energy Save"

How to Calculate EER HVAC

Energy Efficiency Ratios and the Right Air Purifier If you’re like me, then there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve never calculated an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). Maybe some have never even heard of an EER? I know that anything involving a “calculation” can at once seem off-putting because of its inherent time-to-do-math moniker. However, […]