Floor fan plugged into wall

Is your home hotter than usual? A quality floor fan can go a long way in circulating cool fresh air around your home, whether it be from an open window or from air conditioner vents. If you can’t afford an AC unit or overhead ceiling fans aren’t an option for whatever reason then a big, quiet, reliable floor fan is your best option at keeping cool.

All fans are not created equally, though. There’s a lot to consider based on what you need, but one thing is for sure: a high-quality floor fan is a very financially and environmentally sensible investment.

Not only are you better able to circulate the air in your home, but you can also save energy by using one to cool your place over a power-sucking and environmentally unfriendly air conditioner. Plus, saving energy means saving on bills.

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Top Floor Fans Reviewed in This Guide:

Whichever fan you choose for your home, you can count on better circulation and cooler rooms without pouring hundreds of dollars into your electricity bill, which things like portable AC units tend to do unfortunately.

ImageAir Purifier DetailsPrice
Deco Breeze 16-inch Oscillating Standing Floor Fan
  • Best Lightweight Fan
  • Adjustable height; anywhere from 37-48 inches tall
  • 3 speeds and whisper quiet
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Lasko 20-inch High Velocity Quick Mount Fan
  • Best Mounted Fan
  • Stands at 22 inches long and 22 inches tall
  • 180 degrees to target circulation
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Honeywell Quiet Set Whole Room Tower Fan
  • Best Space-Saver
  • Stands about 32 inches tall
  • Remote controlled with 8 speeds
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Rowenta VU5670 Turbo Silence Oscillating Standing Fan
  • Best Eco-Conscious Fan
  • Stands anywhere between 42-54 inches
  • 3 speed settings along with 2 additional speeds
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Aikoper 42-inch Oscillating Tower Fan
  • Best Speed & Mode Settings
  • Stands at 42 inches tall
  • 70 degrees of oscillation and 46 inches of air circulation
  • Warranty: contact seller for details
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Best Floor Fans List

1. Best Lightweight Fan: Deco Breeze 16-inch Oscillating Standing Floor Fan

Deco-Breeze-16-inch-Oscillating-Standing-Floor-Fan15 inch oscillating fan

Entirely made of 100% stainless steel, this standing floor fan still remains lightweight. It’s portable and easy to assemble, too. It also features a 3-prong plug instead of a 2-prong plug to ground the electricity for an added safety feature. 

As far as adjustability, you can choose a height anywhere from 37-48 inches. The base is only 18 inches wide, allowing it to fit into your space without obstructing too much. The oscillating fan head tilts as well, so you can truly target where you want the maximum airflow to occur. Another nice thing about this fan, aside from its all-metal build and unobtrusive size, is that Deco Breeze offers a one-year warranty. 

The speeds are a little limited, providing you with only three: low, medium, and high. The lowest setting can run up to 900 rpm while the highest goes up to 1280 rpm, but all three remain pretty quiet. Having variable speeds is important so you can adjust the air volume moved depending on your needs. 

2. Best Mounted Fan: Lasko 20-inch High Velocity Quick Mount Fan

Lasko-20-inch-High-Velocity-Quick-Mount-FanLasko fan review

Lasko is a US brand that’s been around for a while, and its versatile construction makes the Lasko 20-inch High Velocity Fan a great choice. You can keep it on the floor or mount it to the wall for a more permanent, out-of-the-way cooling solution. This product comes with a bracket and hardware for easy installation. Simply install the bracket into the wall and clip the stand into the mount. The fan stand is 22 inches long and 22 inches tall.

The fan head can pivot for total control over where the air is directed. You can even turn it 180 degrees to target circulation exactly where you want it. There are three manually controlled settings that you can select to get the job done. 

It’s more affordable than some of the other standing fans in this list, but its quality is uncompromised. The fan cage and stand are made of durable metal making it more resilient. If you choose to leave this fan on the floor, the rubber pads at the bottom of the fan stand help to keep it in place. There’s also a built-in handle to help with portability.

Due to its high power and velocity, it is noisier than some of your other choices, but definitely highly effective. It doesn’t oscillate either, so pivoting the fan head is your only option for redirecting airflow.

3. Best Space-Saver: Honeywell Quiet Set Whole Room Tower Fan

Honeywell-Quiet-Set-Whole-Room-Tower-FanHoneywell tower fan review

The Honeywell Tower Fan stands about 32 inches tall and boasts 8 speeds ranging from from a quiet, white noise setting to a turbo-blasting power cool. The control panel lights up for easy readability, especially at night. There are also 5 brightness settings: 100% brightness, 75%, 50%, 25%, and off. Whichever setting you use, after 15 seconds, the control panel light shuts off to conserve energy.

This sleek fan comes with a remote that fits right into the back of the tower and takes two AA batteries. However, the remote only has 3 buttons, so to get to the setting you need, you might have to cycle through using the ‘fan speed’ button. With a built-in handle, this model is easily carried throughout your home.

This fan oscillates to ensure good air circulation, but it’s a little bit on the noisy side when you reach the higher intensity settings. It’s also a little more challenging to clean than a fan like the Lasko fan mentioned above with the open metal cage.

Additionally, there’s several purchase options where you can choose only the tower or a bundle featuring different fan combinations to best accommodate your home. If you opt for just the tower, it’s around $65 which is a great deal for a recognizable brand with so many speed and sound options to choose from.

4. Best Eco-Conscious Fan: Rowenta VU5670 Turbo Silence Oscillating Standing Fan

Rowenta-VU5670-Turbo-Silence-Oscillating-Standing-FanRowenta Turbo Silence

The Rowenta Turbo Silence Oscillating Standing Fan isn’t kidding when it mentions its “turbo silence.” It maintains its ultra-quiet status across all its different speeds. You’ll find 3 speed settings along with 2 additional speeds: a “turbo boost” for an extra push of power and a “night” mode perfect for sleeping without the disruption of a loud motor.

This little product’s 5 rotating blades packs a powerful punch. It spins air at up to 2436 cubic feet per minute, making it great for pushing air through larger spaces. You can adjust the height anywhere between 42-54 inches to target airflow exactly where you want it.

If you’re trying to live a more eco-conscious life, the 8-hour timer and energy-saving mode on this product is a nice addition. When using the energy-saving setting, the fan automatically decreases and adjusts air circulation until it efficiently regulates the temperature.

Like some of the others, this fan comes with a remote control that can be conveniently stored in the back of the fan. One downside is that the remote doesn’t come with batteries, so you’ll have to remember to add those to your cart when you order your fan.

This product is pricier than some of the other options out there (and it gets even more expensive if you opt for the standing fan that’s compatible with the outdoors) which might be another downside if you’re looking to stay within a smaller budget.

5. Best Speed & Mode Settings: Aikoper 42-inch Oscillating Tower Fan

aikoper-tower-fan-oscillating-42-inchAikoper oscillating tower fan

The Aikoper fan is a slim tower standing at 42 inches tall. However, due its ability to tilt the direction of the tower and its 70 degrees of oscillation, it can reach up to 46 inches of air circulation.

It has many features – it comes with a remote and easy-to-read LED display that automatically enters sleep mode after 30 seconds. Its built-in handle is great for portability and it’s under $100, making it a wise investment.

It has 3 standard speeds (low, medium, and high) and a timer that you can set for up to 12 hours. 

But what’s really interesting about this one is that it has 4 different modes to modify your cooling experience: Normal, Natural, Sleep, and Child. Normal is your standard mode, while Natural emulates the sounds of nature. The Child mode was designed especially with babies in mind, decreasing the intensity gradually to ease your little one into dreamland. The automatic timer also turns the fan off after 3 hours to ensure your child doesn’t get too chilly. Additionally, the smaller sized grates on the fan’s vents are designed to protect little fingers.


Hone Floor Fan FAQ

Can a floor fan be used inside and outside?

Some indoor floor fans can be used outside as well, but it’s not recommended unless the directions specifically say so. Fans that are compatible for the outdoors will mention that they are UV resistant and suitable for wet or damp areas.

Lightweight fans built specifically for indoors might not be sturdy against forceful wind. . Materials matter when choosing an outdoor fan. Ones made from heavy metals are likely more durable and able to withstand the elements.

What does CFM mean?

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. It measures airflow so you’ll likely see this abbreviation when describing how powerful the fan is. A typical fan usually falls within 4,000-6,000 CFM. If you’re looking for an extra-powerful fan, look for the highest CFM number you can find.

Choosing a standing fan shouldn’t be complicated, but there’s a lot of options and a lot to consider when you’re trying to right-fit a fan to your lifestyle. Whether you are prioritizing power over sound or convenience over materials, the right fan is out there for you. We hope this roundup of the best fans we’ve found in 2021 will help you make a decision, keep your air circulated, and your home cool and comfortable.