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Summer is just around the corner, and we’re already looking forward to the warm breezes floating in through the windows. What we’re not looking forward to, however, is uninvited guests coming in on those breezes. Flies, gnats, and mosquitoes all love an open window. Luckily for us, and you, there are many ways to combat their unwanted visits, but our favorite has to be an indoor fly trap. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite picks below to help you have a bug-free summer. 

Why Get an Indoor Fly Trap?

We know that bugs and flies are part of nature, but we much prefer they stay outside! Those that do get inside the house can make some people uncomfortable, and some pests, like larger flies and mosquitoes, can pose a hazard to your health and wellbeing. So what can you do? Well, rather than keeping your house sealed all summer long with closed doors and windows, you can use fly traps to eradicate the pests while still enjoying the fresh air.   

What is an Indoor Fly Trap?

There are many types of fly trap available, so we understand how it can be hard to choose. The traditional sticky paper you can hang up in high bug-traffic areas can be messy and unsightly. We much prefer using the electronic fly traps for how easy they are to use and maintain. 

How Do They Work?

Electronic bug catchers fall mostly into two categories: zap, and no-zap. 

Zap fly catchers work by attracting the flies and bugs with either light or scent, and then electrocuting them. These can be very effective both indoors and out, however they can be risky to have around with curious kids or pets. Most modern zapping fly catchers have safety features built in, but it’s wise to consider where it will go when picking a trap.

No-zap catchers combine lures like light or scent with a fan that sucks in insects and deposits them on sticky traps. These sticky traps are very similar to traditional hanging sticky traps, but they’re less messy and are discreetly contained inside the device. We like the no-zap traps because they’re usually quieter to run and there’s no alarming “ZAP” when it traps one. 

Our Favorite Indoor Fly Trap Picks

We’ve taken a look at some of the current favorites on the market, and we think any of the below will be a perfect addition to your bug-catching kit. The great thing about these electronic bug catchers is that most of them are set-it-and-forget-it, making them easy to use, all year long. 

Katchy Automatic Indoor Insect & Flying Bugs Trap

indoor fly trap 

A longtime favorite of ours, the Katchy is as reliable as it is popular. It’s a no-zap trap, meaning it works with a light attracting the bugs with fans to suck them in and deposit them on a sticky trap. 

This automatic version has two settings: auto and manual. The auto setting switches the Katchy on when the light level falls low enough, and manual runs constantly. As the Katchy lures with the UV light, it is most effective at trapping flies in the dark. It works great at trapping fruit flies, gnats, and mosquitoes; other bugs have been known to succumb to the Katchy too (RIP to the random house beetle). It comes with four sticky glue boards, each can last over a month and are really easy to replace. The Katchy is almost silent when it runs making it perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, near plants, or anywhere else you want to be rid of flying insects.  

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FVOIA Fly Trap Indoor

indoor fly trap 

The FVOIA trap works in a very similar way to the Katchy: light attracts the bugs, then internal fans suck them in and deposit them on a sticky trap. The design of the FVOIA is more space age than the subtle Katchy, with a blue or pink interior. It has a timer switch, so you can turn it on when it gets dark and it’ll shut off in either six or 12 hours.

This fruit fly sticky trap comes with 10 replacement boards which are easy to replace and dispose of. The FOVIA is also near silent when it runs and traps insects, making it ideal for any room in your home, office, or restaurant.

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Homesuit Bug Zapper 

indoor fly trap 

If you’re looking for the dramatic satisfaction of an effective bug zapper, we think the Homesuit model is the way to go. Versatile and portable enough to use indoors and outdoors, simply hang it up, plug it in, and you’re ready to go. If you’re concerned about curious pets and kids, the protective grid only has a gap of 0.27 inches; that’s big enough for bugs, but not curious fingers or paws.

The insect collection tray at the bottom is a little messier to clean than the sticky glue boards of the FVOIA or the Katchy, but it’s still a powerful alternative. It covers up to an impressive 2100 square foot of space, running on 15W with a 4000V grid. The bugs won’t stand a chance!

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Gardner FlyWeb Classic Fly Light

indoor fly trap 

Want something a little more discreet than the other options? The Gardner FlyWeb Classic could be the one for you. It works by attracting flying insects with light, and trapping them on a sticky paper behind the front facade. With no fans or zappers running, the FlyWeb Classic is completely silent. Simply plug it into any outlet where you want to eradicate flies, mosquitoes, and other flying pests. 

Maintenance is a breeze with the FlyWeb Classic. Replacement glue boards and light bulbs are available, meaning you never have to worry about it becoming unusable. The glue boards are easy to replace – just pull it out when it gets full and add a new one. We love it – bugs don’t. 

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Bottom Line

Today we looked at why you might need to upgrade your bug-catching kit, with either a fruit fly sticky trap or a zapping trap. We showed you four of our favorite alternatives to traditional sticky trap pape, that will hopefully keep your house bug-free all summer long.