Are you looking for the best ozone generator that offers powerful air cleaning functions as well as deodorization?

If so, this guide is for you.

We’ll take an in-depth look at some of the best ozone machines on the market for homes, commercial settings, and cars.

As you’ll discover below, there are many different types of ozonators to choose between, but each one has a specific set of features and power output. Plus, the best home ozone generator for daily use will be different than the best commercial ozone generator or an ozone machine for cars.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have everything you need to make a well-informed decision on buying the perfect ozonator for any home, office, automobile, or commercial setting.

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Ozone Generators Reviewed in this Guide

Here’s a quick comparison chart showing the top ozone generators. We’ll cover each aspect of these units in the reviews section below, but this gives you an idea of what’s available and an easy way to compare them.

ImageGenerator DetailsPrice
Airthereal MA10K-PRODIGI Ozone Generator
  • Best Overall Ozone Generator
  • Coverage: 2,000 square feet
  • Total Ozone Output: 10,000mg per hour
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Commercial Ozone Generator Q3 Ionizer
  • Best Compact Ozone Generator
  • Coverage: 1,000 square feet
  • Total Ozone Output: 10,000mg per hour
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OdorStop 12500 Ozone Generator
  • Best Commercial Ozone Generator
  • Coverage: 12,500 square feet
  • Total Ozone Output: 12,000mg per hour
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Green Air Classic Ozone Generator
  • Best Ozone Generator for Home Use
  • Coverage: 3,500 square feet
  • Total Ozone Output: 360mg per hour
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Mammoth 7,000mg Ozone Generator
  • Best Ozone Generator for Car
  • Coverage: 1,000 square feet
  • Total Ozone Output: 7,000mg per hour
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Enerzen 11,000mg Ozone Generator
  • Best Ozone Machine for Large Spaces
  • Coverage: 2,250 square feet
  • Total Ozone Output: 11,000mg per hour
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Alpine Air 6,000mg Ozone Generator
  • Best Ozone Machine for Small Spaces
  • Coverage: 500 square feet
  • Total Ozone Output: 6,000mg per hour
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GreenTech PureAir 50 Ozone Generator
  • Best Portable Ozone Generator
  • Coverage: 325 square feet
  • Total Ozone Output: 60mg per hour
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OdorStop OS2500 Ozone Generator
  • Most Customizable Ozone Machine
  • Coverage: 2,500 square feet
  • Total Ozone Output: 100 to 1,200mg per hour
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Enerzen O-UVC3 15,000mg Ozone Generator
  • Popular High Capacity Ozone Generator
  • Coverage: 3,750 square feet
  • Total Ozone Output: 150mg to 15,000mg per hour
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Best Ozone Generator Reviews (Top 10 List)

1. Best Overall Ozone Generator: Airthereal MA10K-PRODIGI

Airthereal MA10K-PRODIGI Ozone Generator

If you’re looking for an ozone generator that has it all, the Aithereal MA10-PRODIGI is the perfect choice.

The first of its many features is the Honeycomb Current Technology that packs a powerful punch of up to 10,000mg per hour across a space of 2,000 square feet. This makes it perfect for use in larger rooms in homes and office spaces.

You can also control the ozone production level with the choice of five settings: 2g, 4g, 6g, 8g, or 10g per hour. The fan also has five-speed settings, giving you ultimate control over the power this ozone generator operates with.

Another great feature is the extra-long timer that allows you to run the ozone generator for longer periods when needed, up to 12 hours in total. This ideal if you’re trying to get rid of a particularly strong odor or particles to clean the air in a large room.

You have the option of a 12/24-hour cycle mode too, which automatically powers the ozone generator for half an hour, every 12 or 24-hours. This is a good option for keeping the air in a room as clean as possible while removing the need to constantly switch the machine on and off manually.

This ozone generator is easy to use and doesn’t have any confusing buttons or dials to contend with. Instead, there are only five, clearly-labeled buttons conveniently located on the front of the machine.

The built-in LCD screen also gives you a clear indication of what function you’ve selected.

In addition to having all of the necessary features for ozone production, this generator is also highly durable and constructed from 304 stainless steel. This material makes the unit corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean.

It also only weighs 6.6 lbs., so it’s lightweight enough to handle and move it wherever you need to.

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2. Best Compact Ozone Generator: Commercial Ozone Generator Q3 Ionizer

The Commercial Ozone Generator Q3 Ionizer is an ideal choice for high capacity air purification, sterilization, and deodorizing! 

Talk about power! This smart ionizer features a technologically advanced sterilization surge of up to 10,000mg per hour to purify any space in your home up to 1000 square feet; kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, basement! Plus, not only does it purify the air, but it also purifies surfaces and counters for a fantastic 2-in-1 punch of cleanliness! And it’s very easy to use! Somehow, the Q3 Ionizer is able to pack all this power into an amazingly compact, lightweight design! Additionally, this device is equipped with a built-in UV lamp that further reduces the risk of airborne bacteria and viruses.

It runs super quietly and has a very helpful automatic shut-off timer so that you know exactly how long it will be running.

The high-powered performance, lightweight portability, timer, and ease of use make the Commercial Ozone Generator Q3 Ionizer a wonderful addition to your soon-to-be purified home!

  • Best Compact Ozone Generator
  • Coverage: 1,000 square feet
  • Total Ozone Output: 10,000mg per hour

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3. Best Commercial Ozone Generator: OdorStop 12500

OdorStop 12500 Ozone Generator

Designed for use in spaces measuring up to 12,500 square feet, the OdorStop 12500 is one of the best ozone generators for use in a commercial environment, such as a warehouse. 

Of course, when you’re cleaning the air in such a large space, the ozone production levels need to be high as well. Again, the OdorStop12500 is a great choice here as it has a maximum ozone output of 12,000mg per hour. And, when you don’t need quite as much power, the variable ozone output dial allows you to run the generator at a lower output level. 

Operating this ozone generator is simple, just use the built-in dial to switch it on and off. This dial also acts as a timer and allows you to run the machine for a set amount of time before it automatically switches off. 

There is a “HOLD” option too, so you can keep it running for as long as you need. 

This ozone generator also features a washable antibacterial filter that is designed to kill any bacteria in the air, and an extra-large fan vent to clean the air more efficiently.

This is an ozone machine that has been built to last, and it features 12 high-quality ozone plates that can be easily cleaned. Meanwhile, the aluminum housing keeps the inner-workings of the ozone generator protected and can withstand the occasional bump without getting easily damaged. 

Despite its large size, this ozone generator doesn’t require any assembly either; it is ready to use straight out of the box.

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4. Best Ozone Generator for Home Use: Green Air Classic

Gern Air Classic Ozone Generator

The Green Air Classic is one of the best ozone generators for use in the home and it contains a variety of features that make it easy to use. We’ll go through each of these below, but let’s first take a look at how it works.

This ozone generator uses a carbon filter system that pulls polluted air into the machine from the back and removes any airborne particles. The air then passes through an inner PCO cell for further filtering before being released back into the room as clean air.  

It also uses anion emitters to release trillions of negative ions into your home which attach themselves to a multitude of particles in the air which then drop straight to the floor. This advanced technology means that dust, allergens, mold spores, and other particles don’t float around the air, so it’s ideal for anybody who suffers from certain allergies. 

This ozone generator has the highest ozone output for a single-plate unit and can generate up to 360mg per hour in a room up to 3,500 square feet. It’s also ETL certified, so it is verified to be safe for use in the home.

Now, let’s talk about some of its best features, starting with Bio-UV light. Selecting this feature will give the ozone generator an extra boost and allow it to find its way into smaller spaces or underneath objects to sterilize the air and kill any hidden bacteria. We haven’t seen any other ozone machine on the market for daily home use that includes this option.

There is also a timer function that allows you to start the generator running when you’re not in the room. It’s called the “away mode”. An example for how you could use this feature would be to have the unit automatically turn on after you leave the house for several hours. That way, it would clean the air while you’re away without you having to be there to operate it.

This ozone machine also gives control over the fan’s speed, which is ideal when you want to get rid of an unpleasant odor quickly.

To make it even easier to operate, this ozone generator comes with a remote control which you can use to adjust the fan speed, Bio-UV, and turn the machine on and off.

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5. Best Ozone Generator for Car: Mammoth 7,000mg

Mammoth 7,000mg Ozone Generator

If you’re an auto detailer, then you’ll enjoy the compact size of this ozone generator. The small size makes it one of the best choices for use in a car. It measures 10” x 7.75” x 8.5” inches

Don’t be fooled by its reduced size, though. It still packs a powerful 7,000mg per hour of ozone production up to 1,000 square feet. So you can use it indoors if you want.

Operating this ozone generator couldn’t be easier. All you do is turn the dial on the front of the machine and select the amount of time you’d like to run it for. Or, if you’d prefer to leave it running continuously, you can select the “HOLD” position.

The extra-large fan does a great job of cleaning and purifying the air in a short period of time, so you’re unlikely to need to run it for very long when you use it inside a car. It takes less than 5 minutes to clean up to 300 square feet of space.

It can also be used around the home as well, of course, and the extra-large fan makes short work of getting rid of cigarette smoke, paint fumes, cooking odors, and more. It takes around 15 minutes to clean the air in a 1,000 square feet room.

It’s highly durable and features a reinforced handle that makes transporting it easy. The ozone plates are hard-wearing too and will provide up to 6,000 hours of use before they need to be replaced. Cleaning is easy as well, and the reusable metal pre-filter can be removed and washed with ease. 

The durability of this ozone generator is backed by a 1-year warranty. And, should you ever run into any issues with it, Mammoth provides 24/7 telephone support.

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6. Best Ozone Machine for Large Spaces: Enerzen 11,000mg

Enerzen 11,000mg Ozone Machine

Another fantastic choice for cleaning the air in large areas, this ozone generator from Energen produces 11,000mg of ozone output across 2,250 square feet.

Because of this superior power, we consider it the best ozone machine for large spaces.

It’s incredibly easy to use and features a dial located on the front that serves three functions. The first of these is to turn the generator on. Secondly, you can use the dial to set the generator to run for a certain amount of time before it automatically switches off. Finally, if you’d like to keep it running continuously, you can use the dial to select the “HOLD” option. 

This ozone generator also features a fan that is 40% larger than the standard type, so it makes short work of drawing in dirty air and pushing out clean air. It’s also really easy to maintain, and the stainless steel filter can be washed underneath running water. 

Durability has also been kept in mind with the design of this ozone generator. The industrial-grade aluminum-alloy case is powder-coated for extra strength, so it will be able to take the occasional knock without getting damaged. The honeycomb ceramic plates are also really tough.

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7. Best Ozone Machine for Small Spaces: Alpine Air 6,000mg

Alpine Air 6,000mg Ozone Machine

If you’re looking for a way to purify the air in a smaller space, then the Alpine Air Ozone Generator is a great choice thanks to its compact design that won’t take up much room.

While it’s an excellent choice for small spaces, its powerful 6,000mg ozone production per hour can make quick work of cleaning the air in a room measuring up to 500 square feet in just 9 minutes.

The filterless technology used in this ozone generator makes it easy to maintain as well, and the ozone plates provide you up to 6,000 hours of use before they need to be replaced. 

When this time comes, the ozone plates can be easily removed via the quick-access holder located on the back of the machine.

The simple design of this ozone machine makes it super easy to use, too. Simply turn the dial at the front to switch it on and select the amount of time you’d like to keep it running for. It will then start counting down and will automatically switch off once the time has passed. There is also a “HOLD” function that allows you to keep the ozone generator running continuously. 

It has an aluminum casing that makes it hard-wearing without adding too much weight, so it’s easy to move between rooms with minimal effort. There is also a handle attachment which makes transporting this ozone generator even easier.

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8. Best Portable Ozone Generator: GreenTech PureAir 50

GreenTech PureAir 50 Ozone Generator

If you travel a lot for work or pleasure and you want to make sure the air in your hotel room is as clean as possible, then you should consider the GreenTech PureAir 50.

This portable ozone generator can be plugged directly into an electrical outlet and produces up to 60mg per hour in an area up to 325 square feet.

Its small design also makes it ideal for areas that get a high amount of odor, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

The portability of this ozone generator means that it’s really easy to use. Simply plug it into an electrical outlet and switch it on. It’s really that simple.

Once it’s running, the scalable activated oxygen technology will begin cleaning and sanitizing the air.

As you might excerpt from something so portable, this ozone generator is really lightweight as well (only 6.35-ounces, to be precise), so it’s ideal for throwing in your suitcase without adding any extra baggage weight.

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9. Most Customizable Ozone Machine: OdorStop OS2500

OdorStop OS2500 Ozone Machine

Whether you’re deep cleaning a room’s air, or you just want to maintain the current air quality, the OdorStop OS2500 gives you the ability to customize the ozone output to best suit your needs.

Choose from low, medium, and high settings, each of which can be easily selected using the dial on the front of the machine. This creates a variable output of 100 to 1,200mg per hour.

Directly underneath the ozone output dial, you’ll find another dial that allows you to set a running time for the generator. This is ideal if you’d like it to automatically switch itself off, and there is also a “HOLD” function that allows you to run it continuously.

Covering an area between 100 to 2,500 square feet, this ozone generator is ideal for deodorizing and eliminating strong odors in any size space you need. Further cleaning power is provided by the UV feature, two high-quality ozone plates, and a 100 CFM fan.

It’s also really low maintenance and includes an easy-access, antibacterial, washable filter to make cleaning quick and easy.

You won’t have to worry about this ozone machine getting easily damaged while it’s running either, as its durable aluminum housing gives it superior strength without adding too much weight to it. The integrated handle also makes the unit easy to carry around.

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10. Popular High Capacity Ozone Generator: Enerzen O-UVC3 15,000mg

Enerzen O-UVC3 Ozone Generator

With a variable ozone output of 150mg to 15,000mg per hour, the Enerzen O-UVC3 is the best ozone generator for high-capacity use and can cover a space up to 3,750 square feet. 

It also features an extra-large fan that is designed to sanitize larger areas in a shorter amount of time.

Three ceramic ozone plates work to get rid of odors, mold spores, dust, and more, and they are easily accessible through the back of the ozone machine when they need to be changed. This shouldn’t be too regularly though, as they are guaranteed to last 3 times longer than standard ozone plates. This unit also features a pro-grade HEPA filter for added air cleaning power.

This is a durable ozone generator that has been built with an industrial-grade, aluminum-alloy case and treated with a powder coating. 

Switching between ozone output is really easy and can be done using the dial on the front of the generator. There is also a timer-dial that allows you to keep the machine running for a set period of time before it switches itself off. 

And like most of the other ozone machines reviewed on this list, this unit also includes a handle for easy transport. 

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Ozone Generator Buying Guide

There’s much confusion surrounding ozone generators, and rightly so. There is a lot of technical jargon surrounding these machines that can certainly make you wonder whether the unit you’re looking at is the best ozone generator for your needs. 

To help make things a little clearer, we’ve put together this buying guide. 

Below, we’ll discuss what an ozone generator actually is, how they work, and the different types of ozone machines available along with the best features to look out for. 

In the end, you’ll have a better understanding of what ozone generator would be the best choice for your home or business.

What is an Ozone Generator?

Best ozone generator

An ozone generator is a machine that produces a gas called ozone. When ozone gas is released into the air, it kills microorganisms and removes unpleasant odors. Ozone generators are used in both commercial and household settings.

Although popular for home air purification, ozone machines are not just useful for cleaning the air inside a house. Because these units are capable of sterilizing air and killing microorganisms, they are also used in places like hospitals, warehouses, and more.

While there are some ozone generators approved for home use, specific care needs to be taken when you’re using an ozone generator indoors. We’ll go into more detail about this a little later in the guide, but the main thing you need to know is that if an ozone machine is not used correctly it can be harmful to both humans and animals.

How Do Ozone Generators Work?

Ozone generators work by breaking down oxygen (O2) molecules into its component atoms. Once it has done this, the single atoms attach themselves to ambient oxygen molecules, and this is what creates ozone gas (O3). 

Not every ozone generator works in the same way. There are four main types of ozone machines.

We’ll now take a look at each of these in more detail. 

Types of Ozone Machines

Best ozone machine

Ultraviolet Radiation

These types of ozone generators work by splitting the oxygen molecules using UV light, which generally takes more time and power, and results in a smaller amount of ozone. While a UV light makes these units ideal for use in smaller spaces, ultraviolet radiation ozone machines are not a good choice for large rooms or industrial use. 

One of the most appealing things about ozone generators that use ultraviolet radiation is that they are the least expensive type. This makes them a great choice for anybody with a smaller budget.

Corona Discharge

Corona discharge works by spitting oxygen atoms using an electrical discharge. These machines are highly effective and, as such, tend to be more cost-effective too as they don’t need to be run for long periods of time to sterilize entire spaces.

This does depend on the size of the space; however, so you’ll need to make sure you purchase a corona discharge ozone generator that is capable of handling the room size you’re placing it in.

Cold Plasma

This type of ozone generator splits oxygen molecules by passing the air over cold plasma, which is created using two neon tubes placed adjacent to each other within a sealed chamber.

An electrode sends an electric current through the chamber to create an electrical field, and this then splits the oxygen atoms. And, as they recombine, ozone gas is produced. 

This type of ozone machine is quite uncommon, particularly in home use, and they tend to be much more expensive than any other type of ozone generator.


With an electrolytic ozone machine, the molecules are split into hydrogen, oxygen, and ozone. The hydrogen is then removed, meaning that only the former two gases are released. 

These are the least common type of ozone machines, and they use water as a starting substrate. For this reason, you’re unlikely to find one that can be used in the home, but there are some that can be used in a commercial environment.

Features to Look for in an Ozone Machine

Best home ozone generator

Ozone Output

Ozone output and square footage are two of the most important things you’ll need to consider when you’re looking for a good ozone generator. However, in true ozone machine fashion, this can be another confusing thing to work out. So we’ll try and make it as simple as possible. 

Ozone output is measured in milligrams (mg) per hour, and the higher the output, the larger the space the ozone machine will be able to treat.

For smaller rooms, apartments, and cars, your best bet would be to choose an ozone generator that produces a maximum of 7,000mg per hour. This would be suitable for spaces measuring up to 1,000 square feet.

For larger homes or commercial use, an ozone generator that has a maximum output of 10,000mg per hour would be best. This will clean and sterilize the air in spaces ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 square feet.

Depending on the size of the room and the ozone output, the generator can take between 5 to 20 minutes to clean the air. When you think about it this way, it’s a fairly simple thing to work out. The higher the output level, the more space it will be able to clean and in a shorter amount of time. 

You can also use an ozone machine with a higher output in a smaller space to shock a smaller area. This allows you to sanitize an entire room multiple times in about an hour. However, for continued use, it’s always worth choosing an ozone generator that is suited for the size of your intended space.


Most ozone generators come with built-in timers, and this is a really useful function. Basically, this will allow you to run the ozone generator for a set period of time before it switches itself off. 

The best ozone machines for home use will also feature a “HOLD” function as part of the timer. This allows you to run the generator continuously, which is ideal if you’re deep-cleaning the air and want to keep it running for a few days at a time.


This may seem like a fairly obvious thing to look out for, but your ozone generator should have a good fan that it can use to distribute the ozone gas throughout the space. The larger the fan, the more effective it will be at doing this.

Some ozone machines come with variable fan speeds, and this is great for pumping more ozone gas through the room at a faster rate. This is particularly ideal if you’re trying to dissipate a strong odor. 

Charcoal Filter

Some ozone machines include a charcoal filter that is used to trap dust particles, pet dander, and other airborne pollutants to clean the air even more efficiently.

Also, you can typically use this filter exclusively as a way to clean the air without having to run the ozone function, in the same way as you would an air purifier. 


Some ozone generators for home use include an ionizer function, which allows you to keep the unit running continuously without ozone production.

By using the ionizer feature, you can remove common particles from the air so it is healthier to breathe. This includes pollutants like dust, pollen, allergens, and mold spores.

Then, when you need to run the ozone function, you can do it simultaneously with the ionizer or all by itself.

Sometimes this function is called an “air ionizer” or “ionic air purifier”. To learn more about this technology, visit our page on how do ionic air purifiers work.

HEPA Filter

Although rare, some ozone machines do include a HEPA filter. What does a HEPA filter do exactly? It traps airborne pollutants in a dense filter. That makes it good for particle removals such as dust, allergens, and mold spores.

How to Use an Ozone Generator Safely

Best commercial ozone generator

There are some safety measures to keep in mind when you’re running an ozone generator. 

If you don’t use the machine correctly, then you could be putting yourself, your family, and any pets at risk. 

Below, we’ve provided a step-by-step guide on how to use an ozone generator safely. Follow these instructions to reduce the risk of causing any harm.

  1. Before you switch an ozone generator on, make sure that every living thing is out of the room. This includes plants as well as people and animals. 
  2. Ozone can cause damage to certain metals and other materials like rubber, plastic, fabrics, and artwork. So it’s a good idea to remove or cover anything that is of significant importance from the room.
  3. Do not re-enter the room for 1-2 hours after the ozone generator has finished operating so that the ozone gas can dissipate to safe level.

Common Questions About Ozone Generators

Do ozone generators really work?

Ozone generators do really work. These machines are a great way of sanitizing a room and work really well for removing strong, unpleasant odors from the air. There are several different types of ozone generators available, but they all work to the same effect. 

Are ozone generators safe for home use?

Some ozone generators are safe for home use; however, you do need to make sure that you’ve chosen the correct type of generator for your needs. You also need to make sure that its output is suitable for the space you’re putting the ozone generator into, and that you follow the recommended safety precautions.

How long does it take for ozone to dissipate?

Ozone gas can stay in the air for anywhere between 30 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the number of milligrams the ozone machine produces. However, it is usually safe to reenter a room that has been treated with ozone gas after 1 to 2 hours have passed. 

Does ozone smell go away?

Ozone smell does eventually dissipate; usually within 12-24 hours following treatment. If the space you’ve treated has been over-treated, then you may find the ozone smell linger around for a few weeks.

Will an ozone generator kill mold?

An ozone generator can kill mold spores. And because high concentrations of ozone kills mold permanently, ozone generators are commonplace for mold remediation contractors. However, surface mold clean up will also be required for a thorough remediation of mold.

Will an ozone generator get rid of cigarette smoke?

An ozone generator can get rid of cigarette smoke. The ozone gas attacks smoke molecules at their source. This makes ozone generators good for rooms that have been exposed to cigarette smoke, fire damage, or cooking odors.

Can ozone generators remove odors?

Ozone generators are highly effective at removing odors, so they are ideal for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Some ozone generators are even powerful enough to clean the air and remove odors from spaces as large as 3,750 square feet. 

Why do hospitals use ozone generators?

Ozone generators are used in hospitals because these machines can kill microorganisms within a confined space. For that reason, ozone generators are often used to sanitize a room each time a patient leaves. Ozone machines are also good for creating sterilizing rooms for surgery.

Enjoy Your New Ozone Generator

Best ozone generator for car

We hope you enjoyed this guide on choosing the best ozone generator for your needs.

As you discovered, the best ozone machine comes in various types and power outputs. For example, the best home ozone generator will depend on if you’re going to use it daily to clean your indoor air or only for limited time use. If the former, then you’ll want an ozonator that can purify the air in other ways like ionization. If the latter, then you’ll want the best commercial ozone generator on the market to clean and deodorize a room in the fastest time possible.

Hopefully, the information provided here on ozonators has helped you narrow down the perfect unit for your home, office, car, or commercial setting at a price you can be comfortable with.

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