3D illustration of 5 air purifier filters removing germs and smoke from the air

Does an Air Purifier Cool the Room?

Air Purifiers vs Air Conditioners There are many products that can affect the air in your home due to moisture, temperature, and air quality. Air purifiers are a great tool to get rid of pollutants, allergens, and toxins in the air. These can be great in homes with pets, and people who have allergy issues. […]

Woman and cat on couch under blanket with electric heater

Top 5 Most Energy Efficient Electric Space Heaters

Top 5 Most Energy Efficient Electric Space Heaters Winter is on its way, which means ways to stay warm will soon be in demand. While pondering how to kill the chill, it is best to also remember not to break the bank. The cost of heating an entire home can run very high. Fortunately, you […]

Black electrical plug in the electric socket on a wall

Can you plug an AC into an extension cord?

The summer heat has everybody reaching for their AC’s, but what happens when you’ve installed a new window air conditioner, and the built-in cord doesn’t quite reach? It’s extension cord time! But here’s the catch. Extension cords become fire hazards if used without proper care. If you’re trying to keep cool, the last thing you […]

humidifier steam released near houseplants

How Long Does it Take for Ozone to Dissipate?

How to safely generate ozone in your home When you think of “ozone”, you probably think of the thin, protective layer of gas that surrounds our planet and filters UV radiation. Although this is true, ozone in this case, refers to a simple O₃ molecule that is known for its oxidizing, or sanitizing, properties in […]

Floor fan plugged into wall

The Best Floor Fans

Is your home hotter than usual? A quality floor fan can go a long way in circulating cool fresh air around your home, whether it be from an open window or from air conditioner vents. If you can’t afford an AC unit or overhead ceiling fans aren’t an option for whatever reason then a big, […]

Best Evaporative Coolers (Reviews & Buying Guide)

If you’re looking for the best evaporative cooler, then you’ve come to the right place. Evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, come in various shapes, sizes, and cooling outputs. So it can be hard to know which product to buy. But on this page, you’ll find expert reviews on the best portable evaporative coolers, […]

Best Ventless Portable Air Conditioner Units for Windowless Use

A good portable and ventless air conditioner can keep you comfortable while also giving you the freedom to move cool air to any room you’d like with and without window access — all at a budget-friendly price point. But what is the best ventless portable air conditioner without a hose you can buy today? And […]

What is Central Cooling? (What Does Central Cooling Mean?)

If you’ve been wondering, “What is central cooling?”, then this article is for you. Below, we’ll explain everything you need to know about this type of cooling system. In particular, you’ll learn what does central cooling mean, the types of central air conditioners available, the various parts that make up the system, the benefits, and […]