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Why is my Dehumidifier Freezing Up & How to Fix It

Facing the cold, icy stare of a dehumidifier that’s frozen up? We’re here with answers. But first, it helps to understand how your dehumidifier works. When you know how a dehumidifier works, simple science can often explain why yours is freezing. If, while reading through this answer you find yourself wanting to start over with […]

street view of corner apartment on top floor

How to Keep Top Floor Apartment Cool in Summer

Living in a top floor apartment has a lot of advantages. You get the best views, experience less noise, and enjoy lower heating bills. But, it also gets really hot in an upstairs apartment during the summer because heat rises. So if you’re looking for ways for how to keep top floor apartment cool in […]

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2-Story House Air Conditioning Tips

If you’re looking for simple ways for how to cool upstairs of a 2-story home, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We know firsthand just how stressful it can be to properly control the temperature of your house. Especially when you’re dealing with two floors. After reading this guide, cooling the upstairs of your […]

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How to Cool a Room With No Windows

Do you have a room that gets hot but doesn’t have any windows? Are you looking for simple solutions to get relief? While the absence of a window does limit your options when it comes to cooling, all hope is not lost. If you want to know how to cool a room with no windows, […]

clean finished basement with media room seating

8 Ways To Heat a Basement (Finished or Unfinished)

With all of the different basement heating options that are available, what is the best way to heat a basement? No one wants to incur more cost on their electric bill than is necessary by either choosing an electric heater that is not energy efficient or by having a heating system that has more output […]

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36 Air Pollution Facts and Health Statistics

Air pollution is a serious threat to the planet and the human race. Each year, the damage being done to our air quality is compounding and in some areas of the globe, the harm being done may be irreversible. While the most vulnerable to poor air conditions are the youngest and oldest in society, no […]