11 Types of Mold Found in Homes

Many people think that mold only occurs in older homes, but that’s simply not true. House of any age can develop a mold problem because the source of mold spores is not age-dependent. While some mold is not harmful to be around, if left untreated, mold can become a hazard within your home. In this […]

7 Types of Allergy Medication and How They Work

Millions of people all over the world deal with the off-putting effects of allergies on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there is no cure for allergic reactions. Modern science has, however, developed numerous types of allergy medication that are now available through prescription or over-the-counter. These medications help to ease the symptoms of allergic reactions while […]

Tips on Removing Pet Stains

If you have pets, you will eventually have to deal with an accident. Urine stains and odors are some of the most difficult household messes to clean up, but most items soiled by a pet accident are still salvageable. Pet messes are easiest to clean up when wet, but most urine stains can still be […]