The History of Black Mold (Stachybotrys Chartarum)

Have you ever wondered who discovered mold? The history behind stachybotrys chartarum, black mold’s scientific name, is actually quite fascinating. In this post, we’ll explain how mold was discovered, the ways it has impacted building codes we know today and the health impacts black mold has on human health. When you’re done reading, you may be […]

What Is Dust and Where Does Dust Come From?

If you swipe your finger over one of your household surfaces or floor, chances are you’re going to find some dust. Regardless of how diligently you clean, dust finds its way back into your house every time. Look around and you will see the stuff everywhere – on your picture frames, electronics, table tops, window […]

11 Types of Mold Found in Homes

Many people think that mold only occurs in older homes, but that’s simply not true. House of any age can develop a mold problem because the source of mold spores is not age dependent. While some mold is not harmful to be around, if left untreated, mold can become a hazard within your home. In […]