essential oil humidifier

Why an Essential Oil Humidifier is Better Than a Diffuser

A multitasking appliance with endless benefits sounds like the perfect addition to any home. Whether you have a humidifier already or are looking to get one, let us introduce you to an essential oil humidifier. While an essential oil diffuser does produce a mist, it’s definitely not a humidifier. Essential oil humidifiers are the best […]

Diffuser vs Humidifier comparison

Diffuser vs Humidifier Are They The Same?

If you’re looking for a specific need, you might not know which device you need. Understanding the differences between a diffuser vs humidifier is important.  For example, if you’re looking for something to help you fall asleep, you might need a diffuser. However, if you want something to help you stop snoring, you might need […]

humidifier vs vaporizer

Don’t Search “best humidifiers near me”

We’ve all been there. You realize that you need something right away and search “best humidifiers near me” or something similar. When you do that, you probably find a brick-and-mortar store near your home. There, you’re forced to buy from whatever selection they have. Chances are, you pay too much money when you could’ve gone […]

vicks humidifier

What to Know About a Vicks Humidifier

Vicks is a well-known brand of over-the-counter medications for cough, cold, and flu but they also offer a wide variety of humidifiers that are compatible with their products. Vicks humidifier products are designed to increase indoor humidity by releasing water vapor into the air in conjuction with their other products. They come in a wide […]

Cool Mist Humidifier

What is a Cool Mist Humidifier?

Low humidity can cause dry skin, itchy eyes and throat, and may even exacerbate problems with allergies and asthma. Different types of humidifiers all accomplish the same goal but they do so using various technologies. Humidifiers are generally divided into two categories: a cool mist humidifier and a warm mist humidifier.  Today we’re going to […]

Is a Diffuser a Humidifier

Is a Diffuser a Humidifier? What To Know About Each

Home appliances can be expensive, so it’s wise to choose products that provide multiple functions, like an air fryer and convection oven, or a vacuum that also mops. The possibilities seem endless, but is a diffuser a humidifier? We have the scoop on these possibilities. Aromatherapy has a long history of use in traditional medicine […]

can a humidifier make you sick

Can a Humidifier Make You Sick? What To Know

While using a humidifier can help reduce your risk for getting sick, help you recover more quickly and improve your family’s health in a couple ways, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Today we’re going to answer the question, “Can a humidifier make you sick?” Dry indoor air can […]

Should You Use a Humidifier in Summer explained

Should You Use a Humidifier in Summer?

Humidifiers are an excellent way to keep your hair and skin moisturized in the winter months. However, can you or should you use a humidifier in summer? The answer is yes, in some situations, a humidifier can still be useful in warm months. Who Should Use a Humidifier in Summer? It is true that many […]