edenpure heater set on ground in front of red wall

What to Know Before Buying an EDENPure Heater

Whether we like it or not, warmer weather is still quite a few weeks away. Low temperatures can still hit pretty hard, even though it’s officially spring. For cold nights (or even days), portable space heaters provide that comforting feeling to make your home an oasis. EdenPURE infrared heaters quickly heat your living space, making […]

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How Many Watts Does it Take to Run a Space Heater?

When the cold weather comes, we pull out the blankets, socks, and sweaters. But what if we didn’t have to? Space heaters have made it easier to be comfortable and warm in your home even when it’s twenty below outside. But to reap the benefits of these miracle appliances, you need to buy the ideal […]

electric space heater on wood floor

How Many Watts Does a Small Space Heater Use?

Space heaters are a modern miracle to many owners who probably feel like space heaters save them when the cold months roll around. Older homes can have plenty of sneaky ways allow the heat in your home to escape while the cold air works its way in. If you’re considering a space heater, you may […]

Feet in bright socks near electric heater at home

How to Prevent Your Space Heater from Blowing a Fuse

Your space heater is your best friend when it keeps your toes warm when the cold months roll around. But it becomes your nemesis when it blows a fuse and malfunctions when you need it most. It can be a very frustrating situation, so this guide will give you tips on how to prevent space […]

A home high efficiency furnace with a residential gas water heater

Should You Get a Gas or Electric Furnace?

How do you heat your home? The two most efficient options are either with a gas or electric furnace. Obviously, keeping your home properly heated is very important. The only real question is which furnace option is best for you? We will delve into the pros and cons of gas vs electric furnace options to […]

red kerosene torpedo heater

What Is an Electric Torpedo Heater?

In the winter, it’s likely that one of your top priorities is to stay warm, both inside and out. And especially due to the pandemic, you might be spending a bit more time outside to socialize safely than you might have been just a few years ago. If you have a patio or a yard […]

red kerosene torpedo heater

Is a Kerosene Torpedo Heater Safe? Here’s What to Know Now

Now that the cold winter months are here, you may be wondering how to stay cozy and warm by whatever means possible, even indoors. After all, sometimes our heating systems fail to distribute heat evenly throughout the house, so some of us are left to find another way to heat our rooms or garages. Space […]

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How Many Amps Does a Space Heater Use?

Space heaters are fantastic appliances that can warm up your home, office, business or any other space so you can be comfortable even when it is freezing cold outside and using them as supplemental heating in your home can even lower your monthly expenses for some people. But before you commit, you should know how […]

Gas Boiler room in a private house with hot water tank

What Does a Furnace Humidifier Really Do?

As temperatures continue to fall across the country, homeowners are on the lookout for ways to keep their homes warm and comfy. Staying comfortable in the winter isn’t just about keeping your house warm, however, you should also consider the humidity. Dry winter air can leave your nose and throat feeling scratchy – it can […]