Clean dog with long grey and white fur standing outside

Are you thinking of getting a dog?

But not quite sure if you can handle the mess?

Well, don’t worry!

Although many dogs can be filthy creatures, there are a number of pooches out there that pride themselves on being pristine and topping the list as the cleanest dog breeds.

In this post, we’ll share with you what those 15 cleanest dogs are, so you can bring home a new companion that not only keeps itself clean but your house too.

Something to Keep in Mind

While some of the dog breeds mentioned below shed very little, the fact is that dog hair can still accumulate around your home.

Plus, every dog sheds dog dander and this can upset your allergies, causing you to sneeze, cough, or wheeze uncontrollably.

Therefore, if you own any type of dog (or pet), it’s a good idea to also have an air purifier. This simple device works to clean the air of dog dander and hair by sucking into the machine and trapping the particles in a filter.

Air purifiers also help remove other indoor contaminants that cause your home to become dirty like dust.

So, if you want to keep a clean home while also having a dog, check out our best air purifier for pet hair reviews to see how well the top models can work for you.

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The Cleanest Dog Breeds You Can Own

1. American Hairless Terrier

This breed of dogs has no hair and therefore there’s no shedding. That makes this pooch clean and neat.

The benefit of owning this clean dog? No need to vacuum.

The downside of owning this pup? It has sensitive skin that needs to be cared for like a human.

2. Basenji

This dog breed has a very short coat of hair that’s easy to care for and requires minimal grooming. Their ears are also short which means less dirt and debris gets trapped.

However, as a dog owner, you may not have to do much since this canine prides itself on having a high standard for self-grooming habits.

The major benefit of this dog? It’s easy to housebreak and pretty quiet.

The drawback of this pooch? He’s high energy and needs a lot of attention.

3. Bedlington Terrier

Although this may look like a sheep in dog’s clothing, we assure you that yes, this is actually a dog.

And it’s a great pup to own too, if you’re on the hunt for the cleanest dog breeds.

This pooch has tight curls and woolly hair that rarely sheds. Plus, house training is easy with this breed, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up a lot of messes when he’s a little guy.

The major upside to owning this dog? A clean home without a lot of hair to clean up.

The drawback? His coat grows rather quickly, so you’ll need to trim it often.

4. Bichon Frise

These dogs are not only adorable but they have minimal shedding.

Their fur coats are soft and fluffy with tight curls which keeps dog hair and dander from shedding all over your furniture. Plus, this little pooch has naturally clean skin that doesn’t experience much build-up of sebaceous oils which are known for producing foul dog odors.

The upside of owning this little guy? He’s super cute and clean all around.

The downside? It can take a bit of work to keep his white coat from getting dirty when outdoors.

5. Chihuahua

Looking for a small, clean dog, that’s easy to own?

Then look no further.

This dog breed is delicate and small which makes them a breeze to groom. And since they hardly ever drool and light as a feather, you don’t have to worry about your furniture getting destroyed.

The benefit of having this dog at home? They’re loyal companions, filled with vigor.

The downside of these dogs? They can be quite sassy and are a breed that you either love or hate.

6. Chow Chow

This breed of dogs is one of the cleanest all around.

Not only are they easy to housebreak, but they’re very particular when it comes to self-grooming. So, you won’t have to worry about any foul odors emitting from this pooch or spreading around your house.

And while this dog does shed, it’s a seasonal thing, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up dog hair all year round.

The best part of owning this canine? He’s playful and fun to have around.

The biggest pain of this pup? When shedding season hits, it can hit hard.

7. Dalmatian

Although these dogs can be quite big, they’re also some of the cleanest dogs you can own.

How so?

Because they have natural oils that repel dirt and mud so they never get too dirty while being outdoors. Also, they’re meticulous when it comes to self-grooming and easy to housetrain.

The best part of owning this dog? They’re less dirty than other pooches.

The biggest pain of owning this dog? They shed constantly and their coarse hairs can stick to your clothing and furniture.

8. German Pinscher

These dogs made the list of cleanest dogs to own because they’re not a high-maintenance grooming breed. However, when they do shed, it’s tiny hairs.

With this breed you won’t have to worry about drooling or licking your face.

They’re also known for being super-intelligent and has all of the prerequisites to be an excellent watchdog and companion.

Why should you get this canine? They’re easy to train and very clean.

Why may you not want to own this breed? They’re quite rowdy and display exuberant jumping, especially when a pup. They can also be destructive when bored or not exercised enough.

9. Greyhound

You can tell just by looking at these dogs that they’re super clean, neat, and tidy.

Their short coat means there’s not much maintenance to be done for grooming and you won’t find many loose hairs around the house. Also, they don’t drool so you won’t come across any slobbery furniture or carpeting messes.

The best part of owning this dog? It loves to be with and lay around with its owner.

The drawback of this lazy boy? He may not be as energetic as you like.

10. Japanese Chin

Next up on our cleanest dogs list is this handsome little fella and in many ways, he’ll remind you of a cat.

Not only does he pounce like a feline but he also grooms himself like one too.

This breed of dogs cleans itself by licking his paw and using it to remove dirt and debris from the rest of his body. Just like a cat! He can even develop hairballs as a result.

The upside of owning this pup? He keeps himself quite tidy and won’t track dirt around the house.

The downside? He sheds like a cat, so you may need to invest in some washable couch covers or keep a lint roller handy.

11. Maltese

Although this breed of dogs has long hair, they rarely shed, which is great news for anyone who wants to keep a clean home.

However, these dogs do need weekly grooming by their owners in order to keep their coat looking nice and not develop odors.

What you’ll love most about these pups? They’re relatively easy to train and are a classic lap dog.

What you’ll dislike about this breed? The long-term investment for grooming.

12. Pharaoh Hound

These are some of the most intelligent and graceful dogs you’ll ever meet. And they love to please their owners.

Their short, glossy coats shed very little and make them easy to groom. Plus, many people with allergies report that they don’t experience an allergic reaction to these canines.

What’s the best part of owning this dog? He won’t destroy your house or filth it up.

The drawback to this breed? They don’t like to share the house with other small pets including both smaller cats and dogs.

13. Poodle

What makes this breed of dogs so clean is that they only have a single layer coat. Without an undercoat present, these pups shed minimally.

These dogs also don’t drool, so that’s another point in their favor. And they’re easy to housetrain.

The upside of owning this pooch? It’s all-around clean and tidy.

The downside? They’re sensitive and require constant attention.

14. Shiba Inu

This is another cat-like dog that’s full of personality and checks off many of the boxes for being a clean pet.

Number one is the no-drool factor.

Number two is a time-consuming approach to self-grooming (and grooming others!).

Number three is slow, precise eating habits that don’t throw dog food all over the place.

The best part of living with this dog? He’s a meticulous groomer and will groom other pets in the home.

A potential downside? Your other cats and dogs may not want him to!

15. Xoloitzcuintli

No, that was not a misspelling. Xoloitzcuintli is actually a type of clean dog breed.

Sometimes these dogs are referred to as “Mexican Hairless” or just “Xolo“.

These tiny pups have short coats and some versions of the breed are even hairless. Either type is easy to own and won’t mess up your house one bit.

They’re also good to own because they’re calm companions and only need moderate exercise. This means you won’t need to worry about them destroying your house or furniture when you’re away from the house.

What’s the best part of this breed? They’re very happy and adaptable and clean animals.

What are some words of caution? They’re very athletic and clever and shouldn’t be left alone outside for any length of time. Otherwise, he or she may find a way out of the yard and never come back.


Hopefully, one of the dogs mentioned on this list perked your interest. Regardless, any pup you choose will be one of the cleanest dogs you can own.

As a reminder, even if you do have one of the cleanest dog breeds, pet hair and dander can still float around inside your home. Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in an air purifier to keep your home free of these airborne particles.

To find out more, check out our best air purifier for pet hair reviews to see how this device works.

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