How to keep your house smelling good with a dog

Do you treat your dog like part of the family?

But wish your dog smelled a little bit better?

We get it.

It can be hard keeping your home smelling clean when you have a canine bringing dirt in from the outside and slobbering all over things.

Thankfully, there are some simple ways to make your house smells fresh, even with a dog.

To help you relief from dog odor, we’ve put together a list of 13 tips on how to keep your house smelling good with a dog.


How to Keep Your House Smelling Good with a Dog

1. Add an Air Purifier

If you’ve never heard of an air purifier before, you’re going to love it as a dog owner.

Adding an air purifier to your home is probably the easiest way to get rid of dog smells—and they help whether you have one dog or several.

An air purifier works by pulling in air from your home and running it through a variety of different filters.

Not only can it reduce odors, but it can also reduce the amount of pet dander and fur that’s floating around your home.

When it comes to finding the best air purifier for pets, check out our air purifier for pets reviews.

You’re sure to find the air purifier that will meet your wants, needs, and budget as a dog owner.

Note: Not just any air purifier will do. It must be tailored to work for pet odors, hair, and dander. So, give that guide a quick look to make sure you get the right air purifier for pets.

2. Open Some Windows

Another easy way to help get rid of pet odors in your home is to open some windows to let in fresh air.

Keeping them open for a few hours each day can help get rid of any odors, as well as pet hair and dander.

3. Use Candles

Believe it or not, but there are candles in this world that have been designed specifically to get rid of dog smells.

And while these candles won’t get rid of the source of the smell (your dog), they can help mask it.

You also have the option of using wax melts to help cover up the smell so there is no open flame in your house.

If you decide to go with candles or wax melts, just make sure to keep them up high so that your dog doesn’t accidentally knock them over and cause a fire or spill wax onto your floor.

4. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda has odor-absorbing properties, and you can use it to help reduce dog odors in your home.

There are two easy methods for using baking soda.

  • Place an open box on a shelf closest to where you keep your dog’s toys and other belongings.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on carpets and upholstery and let it sit overnight. It should absorb the odors from these areas, and then you’ll vacuum it up the next day.

Depending on how bad the smell is, you might have to do leave the baking soda out for several days and/or repeat the cleaning process a few times before it makes a difference.

5. Vinegar Can Reduce Odors

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and effective way to reduce dog smells in your home, then you might consider using vinegar.

When used by itself, vinegar has a pungent odor, but you can cut this down by adding some water.

If you add this mixture to a spray bottle, you can then use it to clean solid surfaces and lightly spray fabrics, including upholstery and carpeting.

If you want to get rid of dog smells in your clothes, you can also add vinegar to your laundry.

Vinegar is a true miracle worker (odor neutralizer) when it comes to keeping your house smelling good with a dog.

6. Enzymatic Cleaners Can Help

When your dog has an accident on your carpet, the odor can linger for a long time.

If the spot isn’t cleaned correctly, this can encourage the dog to go again in the same spot, as well as the growth of bacteria.

Enzymatic cleaners kill bacteria and lift stains from your furniture or carpet.

So, spraying them on those surfaces can help you get rid of dog smells in your home.

7. Keep Your Dog’s Ears and Paws Clean

Should you notice that your dog smells like corn chips, this could be a sign that yeast has built up in their ears and on their paws.

To keep this from happening, you need to routinely clean their paws and ears.

Not only will this reduce the odor, but it will also keep your fur baby healthier.

8. Wash Your Dog with Waterless Shampoo

When it comes to how to keep your house smelling good with a dog, one of the best ways to keep dog smells out of your home is to bathe your dog once a week.

However, if you’re like most people, this isn’t feasible.

Instead, you should try waterless shampoo.

Using this with grooming wipes between baths can help get rid of odors and refresh your dog’s coat.

But, you do need to be cautious about how often you use these options, as they can cause problems for your dog if their coat lacks enough natural oils.

9. Dry Your Dog Completely

If you decide that you’re going to bathe your dog once a week (or even once a month), make sure you get them completely dry before they run through your home.

Since you’re trying to get rid of dog smells in your home, you certainly don’t want to leave a trail of wet dog smell.

Take the extra few minutes to towel them dry.

If you want the process to go faster, consider using a blow dryer.

10. Wash Your Dog’s Belongings

You may be diligent about giving your dog a bath, but you may neglect to wash their things, and this can lead to your house smelling like dog.

It’s advised that you clean their bedding, blankets, toys, and leashes at least once a week.

You might also consider rotating their toys.

Over time, it’s possible that toys will become saturated with dog smells that won’t ever go away.

When you rotate the toys, they’ll last longer and be less smelly.

11. Buy Them a New Collar

Can you remember the last time you bought your dog a new collar?

If not, it’s probably time.

This item can hold onto smells and if it’s been several years, you may not be able to get the odors out.

This stink can then transfer to your carpet and furniture, so it’s beneficial to buy a new collar.

12. Regularly Shampoo Your Carpets and Upholstery

Since dog smells can get trapped in carpet and furniture fibers, you might consider getting these cleaned on a regular basis.

Calling in a professional that has a variety of cleaning products to choose from can ensure that the smell gets removed from your home.

In addition, they’ll have the ability to get rid of any stains.

This will leave your upholstery and carpeting smelling great and looking good.

13. Use Couch Covers

Adding couch covers to your furniture is an easy way to keep your furniture clean and reduce dog odors.

By washing these covers once a week, you’ll be able to remove the smell.

Couch covers are also a good way to protect your furniture from wear and tear from your dog’s paws.

Love Your Dog, Not the Smell

Now that you have several options to choose from when deciding how to keep your house smelling good with a dog, we hope you find a few that will work.

We stand by our first recommendation of adding an air purifier to your home.

Not only is an air purifier a quick and easy way to reduce dog odors, but it will also cut down on the amount of dog hair and dander floating around your space.

And every dog owner can appreciate that!

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