essential oill diffuser with halved lemon and bottle of essential oil

If you’re looking for a specific need, you might not know which device you need. Understanding the differences between a diffuser vs humidifier is important. 

For example, if you’re looking for something to help you fall asleep, you might need a diffuser. However, if you want something to help you stop snoring, you might need a humidifier.

Which One is Better: Diffuser vs Humidifier

When you think of a humidifier, think anti-dry. If your problems are related to dryness, a humidifier is what you need.

When you think of a diffuser, think of spreading oils through airflow.  If you’re having joint or muscle pain and/or trouble sleeping, a diffuser is what you need. 

Humidifier Benefits

Humidifiers have many benefits, mostly around improving dry conditions. 

  • alleviating dry skins
  • remove cracking lips and fingers
  • no more bloody noses
  • allergies

Diffuser Benefits

Diffusers also have plenty of benefits and not all are related depending on the oils used. 

  • decreasing joint pain
  • soothing headaches
  • stimulating cognitive function

Best of Both: Humidifier and Diffuser Combo

If both devices sound like they would be helpful for your life, that’s also a possibility. More and more top brands are creating 2-in-1 combinations of humidifiers and diffusers. 

Diffuser vs Humidifier combo
There’s no better humidifier + diffuser combo than the Veva humidifier.  This device has a dedicated aromatherapy slot and one of the longest runtimes we’ve reviewed. Veva simply made an excellent combo for an affordable price. 

Diffuser vs Humidifier for Sinus

The majority of sinus problems are caused by dry throat, nose or lips. Therefore, a humidifier helps lubricate these areas with moisture in the air. Some essential oils could also help with sinus problems. However, a humidifier is the best device for these issues. See our humidifier for sinus problems guide to pick the right fit.

Diffuser vs Humidifier for Plants

Plants depend on moisture to grow and prosper. It should come as no surprise that humidifiers are better than diffusers if plants are your intention. See our best plant humidifier guide to make the right choice. 

Bottom Line on Diffuser vs Humidifier

Neither device is better or worse than one another. The best option if the benefits of both suit you is to get a humidifier + diffuser combo. In general, humidifiers are good for dryness of any kind that can impact sinus problems, snoring or allergies. Diffusers are good for health improvements such as sleeping aid, general pain or skin care.