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If you or a loved one are suffering from allergies, you need fast relief. There’s plenty of medicine you can take, but what about your environment? You may start to consider things such as air purifiers, and humidifiers. But, do humidifiers help with allergies? You probably already know how great air purifiers for allergies can be, but humidifiers may surprise you. 

Do Humidifiers Help with Allergies? Explained. 

Many allergies cause dryness of the throat, nose, eyes or even a cough. If this applies to you, a humidifier will absolutely help with allergies.  A humidifier increases humidity by releasing steam or water vapor into your home. 

Humidifiers are very helpful for reducing overall congestion, improving skin condition and preventing nosebleeds.  See our best humidifier for allergies guide to find the right fit for your home. 

Many humidifiers are also operating as diffusers these days. Diffusers can be helpful for distributing essential oils that can specialize in allergy relief.

Do Humidifiers Help with Allergies? The easy solution

If you’re looking for a humidifier that’s easy to use, quick to clean and affordable, consider the Veva humidifier. This is one of the best humidifiers we’ve tested because of its top-fill design, long runtime and reasonable price. 

Humidifier for Allergies Considerations

Keep in mind that too much humidity in the air can be bad for allergy symptoms. You should aim for a 40 – 60% humidity level in your home at all times. Depending on location, humidity levels tend to rise in the summer and decrease in the winter. For some states such as Arizona, California and Nevada, humidifiers are needed year-round. 

Anything lower will make your allergies worse by drying out your nose and mouth, causing a cough or nosebleeds. Anything higher will create a lot of mucus and make your breathing uncomfortable. 

Consider an Air Purifier, Too

A humidifier alone will help, but a combination of air purifier and humidifier will do wonders. Air purifiers clean the air in your home. Humidifiers don’t clean air, they just moisturize it. Therefore, if the cause of your allergies is in your home, you need both for true relief. 

Do Humidifiers Help with Allergies? Air Purifiers help too 

Luckily, we are home air experts, so we understand which air purifiers are best for allergies. Consider the size of your home when purchasing an air purifier.