orange dr infrared heater turned on

With temperatures plunging into the 30s and below across much of the United States, it’s safe to say it’s officially space heater season.

But with so many space heaters out there, we know it can be hard to cut through the noise and narrow down your choices.

Enter: the Dr Infrared portable space heater.

It’s one of our top picks for the best infrared space heaters, and it’s been selling off the (virtual) shelves all weekend. Better yet, as of time of publication, the Dr Infrared heater on sale for less than $130 dollars — just about half off the standard price. This could be a great gift to get a loved one for the holidays (or for yourself, we don’t judge!).

But the budget-friendly price is just one of the reasons we love the Dr Infrared portable space heater. It also uses 100% of the heat produced, which creates almost zero loss in heat transfer. Translation: It’s extremely efficient at heating up large areas up to 1,000 square feet. It comes with three types of heating modes, including eco, high and low, so there’s sure to be a temperature enjoyable for virtually everyone.

It also combines radiant infrared heat with convection heat through a fan — which makes it 60% more efficient at heating a space than most other models on the market. We have a feeling you’ll also like the digital thermostat and temperature display that gives you precise heat control and wheels for easy portability.

Better yet, the Dr Infrared portable space heater can be upgraded to include a humidifier. This can really be a game-changer in the cold winter months, as it can put moisture back in the room and help relieve dry skin, a stuffy nose, itchy throat and other respiratory issues that may arise.

It boasts remote operation, meaning you can enjoy it from the comfort of your couch — without even getting up to adjust it.

As far as space heater safety features go, you’ll receive tip-over and overheat protection with the Dr Infrared heater. The space heater only becomes warm to the touch if you put it on the hottest setting; the exterior stays cool otherwise.