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A multitasking appliance with endless benefits sounds like the perfect addition to any home. Whether you have a humidifier already or are looking to get one, let us introduce you to an essential oil humidifier.

While an essential oil diffuser does produce a mist, it’s definitely not a humidifier. Essential oil humidifiers are the best benefits of both machines. Getting the best essential oil humidifier saves you space and energy.

What is an Essential Oil Diffuser?

The use of essential oils began as early as 4500 BC in Ancient Egypt for cosmetics. Today, people use them in everything from wellness to skincare, cleaning and aromatherapy. Many people like to diffuse essential oils throughout their home. Something to remember when using essential oils, is to make sure you are using oils that are pet-safe if you have any furry friends in the house.

Diffusers can be as simple as wooden reeds in a glass base filled with an essential oil solution, but the electronic ones are the ones that produce a mist. A typical electronic diffuser vaporizes water with whatever essential oils are added. While that does emit a bit of moisture into the air, it’s not designed to properly alter the moisture levels.

What is a Humidifier?

essential oil humidifier

A humidifier is a device that releases vapor into the air to increase humidity in your home. Ideally, a home’s indoor humidity is between 30% and 50%. Maintaining this is good for breathing, building materials, furniture and even your skin.

Most homes need a humidifier to keep those levels steady with air conditioners running so much right now. Humidifiers use vaporizing, evaporation, impellers or ultrasonic technology. The best models are cool mist humidifiers. This kind will never heat the water and run the risk of burns.

How an Essential Oil Humidifier Works

An essential oil humidifier is a multi-tasking powerhouse with the best of both worlds. It measures and increases air humidity while also diffusing essential oils. Having one machine saves you both space and energy. Not all humidifiers are designed to diffuse oils, so you must get one that is made for it to be safe for you and the machine. 

While there are a lot of different technologies on the market, a cool mist humidifier is best for most people. A cool mist essential oil humidifier works without the risk of steam burns for your or family. Safety is of the utmost importance in any home appliance.

One of the other most important factors in a humidifier is making sure it is the right design for the designated size space. It is ideal to have adjustable humidifiers in the rooms that need it. Those rooms are usually a bedroom or living room. With the ability to adjust levels of your machine, you can reach your perfect level without overdoing it. Too much humididity causes issues in less ventilated rooms, like basements or garages.

Essential oil humidifiers make your home feel and smell like a luxury hotel. They improve breathing or snoring with added benefits of aromatherapy in a bedroom.

Our Top Pick: Veva Cool Mist Essential Oil Humidifier

Essential Oil Humidifier 

Top air purifier company, Veva, recently launched a cool mist essential oil humidifier. We consider it the perfect combination product for so many reasons.

Other humidifiers run about 24 hours at a time and only have a ½-2 liter tank on average. This can be annoying since you’ll have to fill it up frequently. The Veva boasts a 45 hour run time and a 4 ½ liter water tank. Since it fills easily from the top, maintaining it doesn’t interrupt your routine or make a mess.

The Veva humidifier has an excellent 323 square feet of coverage area. That is plenty of coverage for the average bedroom, living room or office. It is safety tested and ultra-quiet, but the cherry on top is that it is extremely affordable. 

One of the best perks of this is that it’s easy to set up and comes with user-friendly customer service. Scan a QR code to quickly register for an extended warranty. You can also easily contact a fast responding customer service team.

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Bottom Line

An essential oil humidifier is a great machine as long as you get the right one. We’re confident that the Veva Essential Oil Humidifier is the best combination machine on the market. It’s a no-brainer because of all of it’s impressive features at an affordable price point.