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Many people love their Homedics humidifier for how it cools their home and makes the air more comfortable for them. But to keep it running optimally, the Homedics humidifier must be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis. If you aren’t sure what the best way how to clean Homedics humidifier, you’re in the right place.

In this guide, we’ll show you the best way to clean your humidifier to keep it in tip-top shape so you and your family can enjoy crisp, comfortable air every day.

Consequences of Dirty Humidifiers

Cleaning your Homedics humidifier isn’t just for your humidifier, but it is also for your health. A dirty humidifier leads to a myriad of problems with your air quality. To keep everyone in your house happy and healthy, make sure you clean your Homedics humidifier regularly.

A neglected Homedics humidifier may spray harmful pollutants into your home’s air that will make the humidity levels more uncomfortable and expose you to toxic substances.

The consequences of not properly and regularly cleaning your humidifier are below:


Mold and mildew love to grow in damp, dark places, making your humidifier the perfect playground for them. If you want to keep your humidifier mold-free, it is imperative you clean it regularly and the right way.

It isn’t just your water tank that needs cleaning, but water can seep into other parts of the humidifier that you can’t see. This is why you must clean the entire machine regularly.

Dirt and Debris

Particles of dirt, dust, and debris that are imperceptible to us can work their way into the humidifier, clogging the spraying and creating wear on other parts. When these particles get into your appliance, it results in an ineffective humidifier that can’t properly spray water into your air.

You may not notice your humidifier malfunctioning until the air in your home is already dry and uncomfortable.


When you neglect to clean your Homedics humidifier regularly, it may begin to smell. Some report their humidifier begins to smell like vinegar or a musty basement, this is likely due to the presence of mold, but the smell is equally unpleasant.

Every time the humidifier sprays moisture into the air, it will also spray this horrendous odor, making your entire house smell bad. Cleaning the Homedics humidifier the right way will eliminate and prevent this nasty odor from occurring.

Another solution for bothersome smells is to add things to your humidifier water that will make it emit pleasant smells. But no matter what, you need to clean it first.

How to Clean Homedics Humidifier

Empty and Remove Water Tank

Remove the Homedics water tank from your humidifier and dump out the water. When you are doing a complete humidifier cleaning, you should also unplug the unit from your outlet.

Fill With Cleaning Solution

Create one of three following solutions and fill your water tank with it: a gallon of water with one cup white vinegar, a gallon of water with two capfuls of bleach, or a gallon of water with a hefty splash of hydrogen peroxide.

All three of these solvents have antibacterial, antifungal, and/or antimicrobial and will kill any bacteria while breaking down mold or mildew that has grown. The water tank should be filled to the top with the cleaning solution.

Wipe Down Humidifier With Solution

Allow the water tank to soak in the solution for 15-20 minutes. While it soaks, take a sponge or cloth and dip it in the cleaning solution. Wipe down every part of the humidifier that you can reach. On Homedics humidifiers, the top and back often pop off with ease and can be cleaned separately.

Use a wet cloth but not a soaking one because you don’t want to leave too much moisture behind.

Scrub Water Tank

After the tank has soaked, use a sponge to scrub the inside of the tank. If there is any mold, mildew, or other residues, this is the time to scrub it off completely. Make sure not to leave any slime or residue behind because it can foster another bacterial build-up in the tank.

Air Dry and Reassemble

The safest way to let anything dry is to let it air dry. If you absolutely cannot one more second without your humidifier running, you can wipe it dry with a clean cloth. But it is best to let it air dry, it should only take an hour or two.

Once the unit is dry, you can refill the water tank and reassemble the appliance. Plug it back in and you will be good to go.

Bottom Line

how to clean homedics humidifier
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Cleaning your Homedics Humidifier is probably easier than you think it is, so stop stalling and get your humidifier back to pristine condition. If you have a humidifier for health reasons, you must clean it at least once a week to prevent mold and mildew from growing inside the tank.

If you love your Homedics humidifier and want to keep loving it, make sure you perform proper routine maintenance, so it stays in tip-top shape.


What Can I Add To Humidifer Water?

If you want to add an antibacterial agent to your humidifier’s water, you can add a teaspoon of bleach, a cup of white vinegar, or a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. This will combat bacteria to prevent mold and mildew.

If you want to add something to your humidifier water that will create a pleasant smell, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or a few fresh slices of lemon. Remember, you should be changing your water tank daily, so don’t let anything, especially fruit, sit in the humidifier for more than 24 hours.

How Long Do Homedics Humidifiers Last?

A decent humidifier, like the ones Homedics sells, should last you between 10 and 15 years if you take care of it properly. A neglected humidifier may malfunction and need replacing after only 5-7 years, so make sure you take care of your appliance, and you’ll get twice the lifespan out of it.