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Do you like dust?

Of course not!

No one does.

Having to put up with dust inside a home is not fun for anyone and no matter how much you dust or vacuum, it always seems to find its way back.

What you may not know is that dust is a combination of very fine particles that include dead skill cells, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, fibers, hair, and more.

When it collects into dust bunnies, it becomes gross to look at and makes most of us want to go into a cleaning frenzy.

Fortunately, there several ways for how to reduce dust in home.

Take a look at the tips below to find seven of the simplest ways to keep your house dust free.

How to Reduce Dust in Home

1. Change Your Air Filter Yearly

It’s surprising how often people forget to change the air filter in their central air conditioning unit.

Once the filter becomes too dirty, it’s not nearly as effective at capturing dust and starts circulating it throughout your home.

This cheap filter replacement will ensure that only clean air is pumped back into each room.

Do yourself a favor and pick up several from your local hardware store.

This will save yourself a trip and ensure that you always have a spare back up. Also, make a note to change it at the start of the summer season.

2. Clean the Air Regularly

Many people are unaware that one of the easiest ways for how to get rid of dust in your home is through the use of a device called an “air purifier.”

What this machine does is suck in and trap airborne dust particles so that they can’t reenter the room.

This is a major advantage because if you add a portable air purifier to a room after a thorough cleaning, you won’t have to dust or vacuum very much at all moving forward.

The air purifier will continue to do most of the hard work for you by constantly removing the dust that enters the room.

Take a look at this article on choosing the best air purifiers for dust removal here and learn how they work.

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3. Change Your Bedding Weekly

Did you know that your bedding becomes filled with dead skin cells just after one week of use?

This makes it an attractive breeding ground for dust mites to linger.

Make it a habit to change your sheets once per week and wash them in warm water.

This will drastically cut down on the amount of dust in your bedroom and keep dust mites at bay.

Another good idea is to encase your mattress, box spring and pillows allergen-proof covers.

These are a cheap way for relief for those of you who suffer from asthma or allergies.

4. Give Rugs a Good Shake Every 3 Months

Having area rugs in your living room and/or dining room may make for nice decor, but they’re often a huge reservoir for dust and dust mites.

One of the easiest ways for how to reduce dust in home is to take all of your rugs outside and give them a good shake.

If they’re larger rugs, then a good beating is even better.

You’d be amazed at how much dust comes out of these things.

Do this once every 3 months and you’ll notice a big improvement in the amount of dust inside your home.

5. Get Rid of Carpeting (if You Can)

Just like with rugs, carpets are also a huge magnet for dust and dust mites.

If possible, remove the carpeting in areas of your home where you really don’t need it, such as hallways, bedrooms and even a living room if you have hardwood floors underneath.

If you can’t spare to get rid of your carpeting, or are not allowed, it’s best to invest in a vacuum cleaner that includes a HEPA filter.

This High Efficiency Particulate Arresting filter will suck up even the most microscopic pieces of dust.

6. Say No to Feather Dusters

Unfortunately, feather dusters do more harm than good. These things just spread the dust around and have very little positive effect.

Instead, use a damp cloth to wipe down surfaces. This will collect the dust onto the rag and you can then wash the cloth with soap and water to discard the particles.

7. Clean from the Top Down

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t think to start cleaning at the top of the room and work their way down.

This is another simple way for how to get rid of dust inside your home in the most efficient way possible.

Cleaning from eye level down to the floor and then realizing that you forgot to clean on top of door jams, the refrigerator, or even ceiling fans, defeat all of the cleaning you already completed. This just causes more dust to fall onto the surfaces you’ve already tackled.

So, make it easy on yourself by following the rule of always clean the highest surface first in each room, then attack everything at eye level, then move down to the floor.

Summary for How to Reduce Dust in Your Home

We hope you enjoyed this post on how to reduce dust in the home.

By combining all of these tricks together: changing the air filter, cleaning your indoor air with one of the best air purifiers for dust removal here, changing the bedding every week, cleaning your rugs and carpeting as well as using better dusting tools and working from the top to bottom in every room, you can enjoy a house with much less dust accumulation.

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