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As you already know, tobacco smoke has an unmistakable smell and seems to cling to everything.

But, were you aware that there are ways to smoke inside without smell invading the rest of your home?

If not, you’ll soon find out how.

In this post, we’ll share with you some of the best tips for how to smoke cigarettes inside without leaving a smell.

While it’s true that long term exposure of tobacco smoke can penetrate walls, furniture, and carpet and leave an odor, if you follow our tips below on how to smoke indoors you won’t have to worry about your home smelling like an ashtray.

How to Smoke Cigarettes Inside Without Leaving a Smell

1. Use an Air Purifier

One of the best inventions ever made for smokers is an air purifier.

A good air purifier can make a big difference in the amount of odor left behind by cigarettes inside.

What an air purifying device does is suck in the air from a room, trap the odor particles in a filter and then pump clean, fresh air back into the air space.

This process occurs in a continuous cycle multiple times per hour.

Air purifiers are so good at removing smoke smell that practically all cigar shops and smoking rooms have one so that their patrons can smoke inside without smell. It also reduces the impact of secondhand smoke.

That should prove to you how well these products work.

Getting rid of cigar odor is a lot tougher than cigarettes and if an air cleaner can work for a cigar smoker, it can work for a cigarette smoker just as well.

When buying an air purifier for smoke there are two things you want to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure that it includes an activated carbon Filter. This special filter is designed specifically to trap odors caused by smoke. (Learn more here: what is an activated carbon filter.)
  2. Make sure that it’s appropriately sized for your space. You don’t want to waste money on a device that doesn’t have enough power to clean the room that you use it in.

For more information on getting the right type of device for your home (and how to smoke indoors without it smelling) check out our in-depth best air purifier for cigarette smoke reviews.

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2. Create a Smoking Room

If you want to have the most control over the smell of smoking cigarettes inside, one of the best things you can do is create a dedicated smoking room.

Having one room sectioned off inside your home or apartment for the purpose of smoking will help keep every other room smelling fresh.

It’s important that this room has a window that you can open so that tobacco smoke has an exit point.

Not opening a window will cause the smoke to seep out from under the door and into the rest of your home.

Another option is to add a dedicated air purifier to this room, which filters the smoke and produce clean air.

See the next tip for more information.

If you choose to smoke in a small room, then a window and air purifier is the best combination to get rid of the odor as much as possible.

If you select a larger room, like a basement without windows, then an air purifier alone can usually clean the space just fine.

3. Neutralize with Sprays

Another trick for how to smoke cigarettes inside with the least amount of smell is to neutralize the odor-causing particles by using a spray like Febreze or Zep Professional Strength Smoke Odor Eliminator.

Odor neutralizers are designed to remove the odors from the air without adding a new scent.

Products like Febreze and Zep are great at helping to hide the smell of smoking cigarettes inside without making it seem apparent that you are doing so.


We hope you enjoyed these simple tips for how to smoke cigarettes inside without leaving a smell.

As you discovered, getting rid of the smoke smell is not as hard as it may seem.

And, if you just apply a few proven methods for removing the odor, you can have a fresh-smelling home or apartment without a ton of effort.

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