Photo of Smog in CityEvery day, more reports are coming out in the news related to air quality in the United States. In fact, just this past week we’ve discovered more than 50 different news story accounts in relation to the harmful affects of air pollution.

It’s unfortunate to read these stories about multiple cities issuing air quality alerts, how some school systems have cancelled classes due to air pollution risks and several starts are receiving failing report cards due to ozone pollution.

Below, you’ll find some of the top stories that are worth reading.

Front Range Cities in Colorado Rank High on Most Polluted List
Denver was ranked 8th and Fort Collins at 10th for having the worst air quality levels of ozone in the country.

Los Angeles and Bakersfield California Top Worst Air Pollution List
Both L.A. and Bakersfield are the nation’s most polluted areas due to automobile exhaust emissions.

50% of Americans Live in Areas with Unhealthy Levels of Particle Pollution
CNN put out a shocking list of the top 10 cities where ozone and particle pollution is the worst. Six of the top 10 are located in California.

Omaha Air Quality Index Reaches Unhealthy Range
Large amounts of smoke in Omaha, Nebraska is causing the air quality index to reach unhealthy levels.

Kansas Experiencing Unhealthy Air Quality
Agricultural fires are putting local air quality index in the “unhealthy” category.

Wisconsin Issues Air Quality Advisory
The counties of Fond du Lac and Walworth reached an unhealthy level and an alert was sent out to help protect sensitive groups, including children, elderly and people with respiratory problems.

San Antonio Air Quality Unacceptable by EPA Standards
Measurements taken at a site in San Antonio, Texas revealed that it had high levels of air pollution.

Cold Lake Experiencing Drop in Air Quality
The increase of cars, homes, construction and industry is causing particulate matter to go up and air quality to drop in the Cold Lake area.

Outdoor High School Activities Cancelled Due to Unhealthy Air Quality
Local school districts were forced to cancel outdoor events due to air quality concerns.

Raleigh Considered One of the Most Polluted City in the Nation
This North Carolina city ranked 142nd on this year’s “Stage of the Air” report.

Montana, Idaho, Utah, Alaska and California Top Most Polluted Cities List
Multiple states have seen major spikes in air particle pollution.

Oregon Governor Launches New Air Quality Program
On a positive note, Governor Kate Brown initiated a “Clean Air Oregon” program to help improve the air quality in the state.

Missoula Ranks High for Short-Term Air Particulates
Wildfires and wood burning have attributed to extremely high rates of air particulates in this Montana location.

Two Massachusetts Counties Receive ‘F’ for Air Quality
Hampden and Hampshire counties receive the worst grade possible for bad air quality.

Ohio Not Fairing Well in Latest Air Quality Report
The American Lung Association ranked Ohio as the 14th worst place for particle pollution.

New Yorkers Remain at Risk for Ozone and Particle Pollution
Residents continue to be at risk for health effects related to unhealthy air.