Graphic of ReportA new report on the air purifier industry was recently released by RnR Market Research. This report analyzes the trends and opportunities in the Global Air Purifier Market.

For the last five years, this Global Market has been growing at a moderate rate due to an increase in carbon dioxide emissions that have lead to an uptick in deaths related to air pollution.

The Air Purifiers Market is expected to grow at a faster rate during 2016-2021 because of the intensifying increase in government regulations on air quality throughout many parts of the world.

With carbon emissions becoming such a huge concern, sales of automobile mounted air purifying devices, as well as portable air purifiers, are projected to increase at a rapid rate in the near future.

This report aims to provide market intelligence for investors in this sector in order to help them make solid investment decisions. It also outlines emerging trends, challenges and opportunities in this market.

Several leading companies have been profiled in the report, along with their business strategies, including Honeywell International, Coway and Camfil.

The scope of the report includes segmentation by filtering technology (HEPA, Ionic and Ozone, and Activated Carbon), region (North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Rest of the World), and coverage by country (USA, China, Canada, United Kingdom and India).

The full report is available for purchase on the RnR Market Research website.

The growth in the global air purifier market offers immense investment opportunities especially in China, India and South Korea. The main driver being the growing awareness among people about the increased levels of harmful air pollution (both indoors and outdoors) and its direct effect on health related issues.

These health risks have encouraged people all over the world to invest in portable air purifiers for their homes, offices and/or automobiles.

Air purifiers are a great way to protect against harmful airborne pollutants and improve the overall air quality within a home or business. This cleaner air helps reduce allergies, asthma, and other respiratory and cardiovascular problems.

Air cleaners come in many shapes and sizes, and use a variety of technologies to purify the air. These devices also range from personal travel purifiers, to single room air cleaners, all the way up to whole house air purification systems.