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At first glance, the NuWave air purifier seems like the crème de la crème for air purifiers. And don’t get us wrong — it really is great.

It covers an unheard of 1,000+ square feet of area. Not to mention it has the ability to be controlled over any Wi-Fi-enabled device. It really does have all of the bells and whistle you could ask for in an air purifier.

The catch? Its price.

As of time of publication, the NuWave air purifier clocks in at a price point just shy of $600.

The good news is many people don’t need an air purifier to cover a 1,000 square-foot room — in fact, the average room size is about 225 sq. ft. which is not even a quarter the size of NuWave’s capability.

This begs the question: what’s a comparable air purifier at a more affordable price? Enter the VEVA 9000 air purifier

NuWave Air Purifier VS.  veva 9000 air purifier

For a fraction of the NuWave air purifier price, the VEVA 9000 purifies three times the coverage area of the average room size. Keeping air clean across 600 sq. ft. the VEVA 9000 is more than capable of meeting most homeowners needs. And best of all, at the time of this review, the VEVA 9000 was below $150 — a fraction of the price of the NuWave.

Differences Between VEVA 9000 and NuWave Air Purifier

Replacement Filters

Many homeowners don’t consider the price of replacement filters when choosing an air purifier. Sure, the NuWave has a higher price upfront, but does it matter after you start using it? In this case, yes, the NuWave air purifier has some of the highest replacement filter costs we’ve seen among the hundreds of air purifier reviews we’ve conducted.

At the time of this review, NuWave’s were around $250 for a 5 pack. So, what’s the normal price of these essential replacements? In most cases, including the VEVA 9000, we see filters costing about $30-40. 

Winner: VEVA 9000

Bottom Line

Is the NuWave air purifier a bad product? Definitely not. Can you save hundreds of dollars by getting rid of overkill features and getting a solid air purifier like the VEVA 9000? Absolutely. Both of these air purifiers are high-quality and deserve a look. However, unless you’re trying to purify the air in a small concert hall, we think the VEVA 9000 will get the job done and save you a lot of money. 


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