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Here at Home Air Guides, we try to simplify the world of air purification technology and point you in the right direction to find the best air purifier for your needs. To that end, we’re going to take a closer look at the Okaysou air purifier.

To improve the air quality within your home, it’s important to understand and control pollutant sources such as secondhand smoke, mold and dampness and dust mites. While you can reduce those irritants by establishing a regular cleaning routine, vacuuming and preventing pet dander, you may want to consider investing in an air purifier. Air purifiers are one of the best ways to improve your indoor air quality as it is more efficient at removing airborne pollutants from the air.

Here’s what you should know before buying.

Okaysou Air Purifier Review

We strongly recommend exploring the Okaysou brand if you’re looking for a cost-effective purifier with good specifications. With its innovative design and technology, it is no surprise that Okaysou quickly grew into one of the leading household products for air purifiers, humidifiers and air fryers that aim to change your quality of life.

The Okaysou air purifier offers great features at a fair price. There are seven models at play here, so let’s see what makes the Okaysou brand one of the rising players in the competitive field of air purifiers.

Filtration System

These purifiers come with a unique multi-stage filtration mechanism. Unlike the many other brands on the market, Okaysou exclusively uses medical-grade ultra-duo H13 HEPA filters. The H13 HEPA filters can be classified as medical-grade since they’re within the highest tier of HEPA air filtration. You can rest assured that this filter will remove anything from dust, pollen, smoke, odor and dust mites all the way to carbon dust, asbestos and anthrax.

While most of the models in the Okaysou range have a 3-stage filtration system, Airmax 8L and Airmax 10L offer a 5-stage filtration system. This 5-stage system consists of a pre-filter intended for large particles, a HEPA filter fit for small particles, and a novel blue filter suited for eliminating invisible pollutants harmful to your body. There’s also an activated honeycombed carbon filter that removes odors and a cold catalyst filter for absorbing gasses like ammonia. This powerful filtration system captures 99.97% of air pollutants. These air purifiers are totally ozone free and never produce secondary pollutants.

Since the filtration system is the most important part of any air purifier, it’s worth noting that the Okaysou also offers the option to customize your space by choosing a HEPA filter based on your specific needs. More specifically, the Okaysou Airmic 4S purifier lets you choose between four customized replacement filters. There’s the white HEPA filter aimed at removing pet allergies, the blue HEPA filter that is suitable for germ defense, the green filter that works toward toxic absorption and finally, the yellow filter that eliminates odors.

For optimal filtration of your Okaysou purifiers, a filter change indicator on your control panel will show you when to replace the filters. Usually, you need to replace them every six to eight months for better output.

The timer setting customizes and schedules one/two/four/eight hours of operation to satisfy your unique purification needs. And some models like the Airmax 8L, Airmax 10L, and the Cayman 608 offer a handy child lock feature. This feature is especially great if you live in a busy household where it’s often risky to leave children alone with the unit running. Simply press the button for three seconds and lock the control panel.

If you have kids in the house, it is often risky to leave them with the unit ON.

Finally, most of the models from the Okaysou range are energy-saving, with the Pega 100 crowned as the ultimate series champion when it comes to getting a high-quality air cleaning system without costing much to operate.

CADR Rating

Another notable feature of any air purifier is the CADR rating. In a nutshell, it stands for clean air delivery rate, and it specifies how quickly an air purifier can remove contaminants from the space. The Okaysou CADR ranges from 125 for the Okaysou AirMic4 to 250 for the Okaysou AirMax10L, which quickly cleans the air in a room.

Square Footage

Space-wise, these air purifiers efficiently clean anywhere from smaller areas around 300 square feet to large rooms at around 1000 square feet. This kind of performance power will help you create a healthy living environment.

Noise Levels

Getting undisturbed sleep is one of the most important factors for ensuring a quality lifestyle. Bearing that in mind, Okaysou has developed its air purifiers to run at low noise levels. The integrated SilenceBoost Technology will purify the room without interfering with your sleep, work, or study arrangements. Okaysou purifiers can range between 20 dB like the Apolo 818 to 56 dB found in Okaysou Airmax10L.


We can’t help but mention the sleek, elegant design of each Okaysou model. The black & white color finish will fit in and enhance just about any space from your living room and office to the bedroom and kitchen. Also, the easy-to-use design (like the magnetic front cover of the Apollo 718) and a control panel with multiple features for hassle-free operations will be enough to seal the deal for some buyers.

Cleaning Process

On that note, maintaining and cleaning your Okaysou purifiers is a pretty straightforward process. Since you can’t wash the filters, you need to clean the air purifier regularly to prevent dust accumulation. For that purpose, it’s best to use a soft and dry cloth to remove the dust from the air purifier and clean the outlet and the inlet. Don’t immerse the purifier in water or use any detergents with abrasiveness, such as bleach or alcohol, to clean any parts of the machine, as it will only damage it.

Fan Speeds

The Okaysou models have three to four fan speeds varying between different models. You can adjust the air intake and output based on your surrounding air to meet the optimum purification performance. 

A Top-Rated Alternative to Okaysou Air Purifiers

Okaysou purifiers are sure to justify your expectations with all the features and benefits at such an affordable price. But if you’ve been curious about other models on the market, we recommend looking into VEVA 8000 air purifier. It is a great alternative with high-quality but low-cost air filters, good fan power and great portability to offer clean air inside your home. It’s no wonder it continuously ranks as our top-rated air purifier on the market.

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Bottom Line

What’s not to love about a low-budget purifier that works like a premium model? In the case of the Okaysou purifiers, good performance, a variety of specifications and a well-thought-out design ultimately put this brand at the top of the game with other big players in the industry. We’re sure that the detailed reviews provided on these purifiers will be a push in the right direction to make your Okaysou purchase with peace of mind.