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At first glance, the Proton Pure air purifier seems like a home run. It has an affordable price, checks the boxes for popular uses and even has a minimalistic design.

But if you look beneath the surface, you may notice some cracks. Namely: area coverage.

One of the top features of any air purifier is its area coverage — and that’s exactly where the Proton Pure falls short. The Proton Pure air purifier has everything we love to see except area coverage. It only purifies air in a 215 square foot room.

That may sound like a lot, but there are much better air purifiers our there that cost the same price.

Case in point: the VEVA ProHEPA 9000 air purifier. By most accounts, the VEVA 9000 and Proton Pure look like comparable products, but the VEVA 9000 purifies roughly 3x (600 sq. ft.) as much air as the Proton Pure (215 sq. ft.). Not to mention it looks a bit sleeker, too. 


Key Differences Between VEVA 9000 and Proton Pure Air Purifier

We take our air purifiers very seriously here at Home Air Guides. Although most homeowners just care about price and area coverage, we go deeper in our reviews. Our team finds the minor features that really make a difference to homeowners once the air purifier is purchased and added to their home. These may seem like minor details, but trust us, you’ll be glad you kept reading once you have the best air purifier and a lot less headaches. 

Power Source

Number one feature homeowners don’t consider before buying an air purifier is their power source. The VEVA 9000 plugs into a wall charger, while the Proton Pure requires you to change a battery pack every seven hours.

Yes, you read that correctly — you’ll need to re-charge your Proton Pure air purifier multiple times a day. As for the VEVA 9000? Just leave it plugged in and it will continue to work flawlessly.

Replacement Filters

When evaluating an air purifier and its filters, you’ll want to ask yourself “Can I wash and therefore re-use the same filters instead of dropping $30 every time?”

While the Proton Pure and VEVA 9000 filters about the same price, they differ in terms of replacement filters. With the VEVA 9000, you can wash and re-use the filters over and over, where as with the Proton Pure air purifier, yo ucannot

Winner: VEVA 9000

Bottom Line

Is the Proton Pure air purifier a bad product? Definitely not. Are there better products — such as the VEVA 9000 — available to you? Absolutely.

In fact, both of these air purifiers are some of the best products we’ve seen regardless of area coverage or price. They’re both effective and affordable air purifiers, we just prefer the VEVA 9000 more than the Proton Pure. 


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