Photo of cheap affordable air purifiersIf you’ve done any type of research on air purifiers you’ve probably noticed that many of them are not that cheap.

In fact, you’ve clearly seen that a lot of the top-selling air cleaners range somewhere between $150-400.

But, what if you don’t want to spend that much money on an air purifying device? Does that mean you have to suffer?

Of course not!

You can enjoy the benefits of clean, fresh air without having to spend a lot of cash.

Sure, there may be some advanced features that you’ll have to give up when buying a low cost air purifier, but we assure you that you can still get a high quality product that’s excellent at purifying the air.

In this post, you’ll discover three things:

  • Which features are most important to look for in the best cheap air purifier
  • The #1 most powerful and affordable air purifier you can buy today that costs less than $60
  • The #2 best budget air purifier for those of you who want to spend the least amount of money (under $40)

So, dig into the information below to get started.

Within a few minutes, you’ll have all of the information you need to make the right decision for your home or office space.

Top Features to Look for in the Best Cheap Air Purifier

When you’re looking for the lowest cost air purifier you can buy, there are a few key features you want to take into consideration before making a purchase.

These elements are crucial if you want to make sure that you get a solid, powerful performing device. Neglecting to look out for these factors may cause you to end up wasting your valuable cash.

Here’s what is most important…

1) Multi-stage Air Purification

One way in which manufacturers cut corners in designing inexpensive air purifiers is to use a single-stage air purifying process.

That is what makes a lot of these devices so cheap and not nearly as effective as a more expensive one.

A single-stage air cleaner includes just one type of filter and only works well to purify the air of small set of toxins. For example, a device may only be capable of removing particles that create odors, bacteria or fine dust, but not all three. You don’t want this type of device.

What you want to look for instead is a multi-stage air purifier.

This style of device combines several types of air filters and provides the most protection against harmful airborne particles. It gives you the most bang for your buck.

Multi-stage air filter options include:

  • Pre-filter – This collects the biggest particles like hair and large dust, and helps extend the life of the other main filters
  • HEPA – Great at pulling in and trapping microscopic allergens like pollen, dust and pet dander
  • Carbon – Excellent at removing household odors and smoke
  • Ionizer – Good at neutralizing a variety of particles out in the open air space
  • UV Light – Zaps and kills airborne bacteria and viruses to create a sterile environment

As you’ll see in the recommended products section, the #1 cheap air purifier includes a variety of these features, which makes it highly effective at purifying the air.

2) Frequency of Filter Replacements

This is a short topic to discuss but is essential for you to understand when looking for a budget air purifier.

A secret trick that some manufacturers use in order to lower the cost of their air cleaners is to make up the difference by selling you a lifetime of filter replacements.

Initially, you may think a particular air purifier is a great deal, but over time the cost to replace the filters makes it a pricey long-term investment. In fact, some products require you to replace certain filters every 1-3 months and, as you can imagine, that expense can really add up!

When you’re looking to buy an inexpensive air purifier always check the product description for this type of information. That way you won’t get pulled into a money trap.

The three devices that we recommend below are safe options to buy.

3) Maximum Room Area Coverage

Another important aspect to keep an eye on when comparing low cost air purifiers is the maximum room space each device can cover.

You may think that you’ve found a great deal on an air cleaner, but later come to find out that it’s worthless because it can’t handle the room size that you placed it in.

The truth is that less expensive air cleaners are only capable of handling small spaces. This lower power is what makes them so affordable. But, it doesn’t have to be a deterrent to buying one.

Graphic Showing Square Footage MeasurementAll air purifiers come with a maximum square footage area coverage rating. Before you purchase a cheap device, make sure that it’s rated high enough to work for your specific needs.

To determine what size area the product must meet, measure the square footage of the room you want to place it in. This is done by multiplying the width by the length (in feet). For example, a 12′ x 10′ room = 120 sq. ft.

Then confirm that the air purifier you want to buy can meet this size requirement.

Note: If you’re looking for a small personal air purifier that can clean just the immediate air space around you, then this maximum area coverage requirement is less of a concern. As long as you place the device on a surface that’s within an arm’s reach, you’re guaranteed to have a purified bubble of air no matter how low the rating. Keep this in mind if you’re on a tight budget.

The Top Three Affordable Air Purifiers You Can Get

Now that you’ve found out what important features to look for when buying an inexpensive air purifier, you’ll now appreciate the value that these three products below offer you.

We’ve rated and reviewed a lot of air cleaners on our site and these three devices are by far the most affordable and best choices you can get.

Choose the one that’s right for you.

Disclosure: At Home Air Quality Guides, we believe in an education-first philosophy. We never make product recommendations until after we educate our readers on what to look for in the top-performing devices and then only suggest items that meet those specific criteria. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases made through the links below. If you buy a qualifying product, you’re not charged a penny more, but we’ll get a small commission that supports our work. We hope you enjoy this free guide and find the best product for your needs through these recommendations.

#1) GermGuardian AC4100
Photo of Germ Guardian AC4100

What makes this the best cheap air purifier you can buy is the simple fact that it includes a multi-stage 3-in-1 cleaning system with a combo filter.

It only requires a single filter replacement, which keeps costs low, and is highly effective at cleaning the air.

This small, tabletop device is equipped with the following powerful filters:

  • True HEPA Filter – This removes 99.97% of all fine particles such as dust, pollen and other harmful allergens.
  • Carbon Filter – This eliminates indoor odors and tackles smoke.
  • UV Light – This kills toxic bacteria and viruses to keep you healthy and safe.

Another feature that sets this product apart from other competitors is the maximum area coverage rating of 200 square feet. This is perfect for most personal applications and at such a low price point you won’t find any other air purifier that has as much power as this device.

Finally, it’s small design makes it easily portable, so you can take it from room to room or with you when traveling, making it the best desktop air purifier on the market.

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#2) Holmes Desktop Air Purifier
Photo of Holmes HAP242-NUC

The next best affordable air purifier you can get is this Holmes desktop device.

This product is outfitted with a HEPA-type filter and can be upgraded with a more advanced Holmes Aer1 filter to target specific airborne pollutants.

This small HEPA air purifier also has multiple stages of air filtration, including:

  • Pre-filter – This captures large particles and allows the HEPA filter to operate more efficiently. It’s also washable and reusable for the life of the product.
  • Ionizer – This adds a boost of extra cleaning power against airborne contaminants that don’t get collected in the HEPA filter.

Finally, the maximum area coverage rating for this device is 109 square feet. This half the size of our #1 air purifier recommendation; however, if you’re looking for the least expensive air cleaner you can get for a small room or office then this is still a great choice.

As we mentioned earlier in this post, if you plan to use this as a desk air purifier that’s kept close by at all times, then the maximum area coverage is not that big of a concern. Plus, this is one of the top cheap air purifiers you can buy with the lowest price.

If this device seems more like what you’re looking for, then you should give it a try.

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#3) Levoit LV-H126 Air Purifier
Photo of Levoit LV-H26

The third best inexpensive air purifier you can own is this unit right here.

It’s similar to our #1 pick but doesn’t include the UV light. However, this device is still a high quality affordable air purifier that works well for personal use.

Its 3-stage air filtration system includes:

  • Pre-filter – This captures the largest particles and extends the life of the True HEPA filter.
  • True HEPA filter – This eliminates the widest range of indoor contaminants.
  • Carbon Filter – This reduces odors and gaseous chemicals.

As for the room size coverage, you get up to 161 sq. ft. of air cleaning power. That makes it a tad more powerful than our #2 pick.

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