Photo of Winix PlasmaWave and FresHome SeriesIn this article, we’ll be reviewing two Winix air purifier series that share a lot in common:

  • FresHome Series
  • PlasmaWave Series

Both of these product lines contain premium air cleaning technologies, but have several distinct differences that may make you want to choose one over the other. We’ll explain what these differences are below.

What you may not know, and is not clearly explained on the Winix website, is that the PlasmaWave Series is the original product line out of the two types.

The FresHome Series is the updated version with new models that contain a few feature enhancements.

Keep reading below to find out what the FresHome and PlasmaWave Series have in common with each other and how they are different.

Winix FresHome and PlasmaWave Series Review

How Both Series are the Same

All models within the PlasmaWave and FresHome Series include:

  • A 3-stage air filtration process that uses a True HEPA filter, Activated Carbon filter and PlasmaWave technology (see below for how this works)
  • Air quality sensors
  • Automatic mode that’s regulated by air quality sensors
  • 4 fan speeds
  • Filter change indicator
  • Energy Star qualified

How Each Series is Different

As we mentioned above, the changes from the PlasmaWave Series to the FresHome Series is not too distinct and you have to pay close attention to the individual features to find out which one would be right for you.

Additionally, the differences you’ll find between each model within each series is also slight that it may seem difficult to know how they really compare. Below, we’ll reveal how each model is distinct from each other and between the two series.

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Key Differences between PlasmaWave Models:

Photo of a Winix Plasmawave AIr PurifierThe PlasmaWave Series includes these models: WAC5300, WAC5500 and WAC6300.

  • The WAC 5300 model is the only one that doesn’t include a remote
  • The WAC5500 uses a washable long-life filter that lasts 2-3 times longer than the standard filter supplied with the WAC5300 and WAC6300
  • All models purify the same maximum room size (350 sq. ft.)

As you can see, the only differences within this product line is the inclusion of a remote control and a washable filter.

If you don’t care about a remote, the WAC5300 is the best investment because customer reviews reveal that the washable aspect of the filter does not extend its life by that much time. If you do want a remote, the WAC5500 is your best choice since the WAC6300 returned to the non-washable filter and doesn’t provide much advantage for the higher price.

In fact, we recommend the WAC5500 in a few of our other articles as the Best Rated Air Purifier for Dust , one of the Best Apartment Size Air Purifiers, and on our list of the Top Air Purifiers.

Key Differences between FresHome Models:

Photo of a Winix FresHome SeriesThe FresHome Series includes these models: P150, P300 and P450.

  • The P150 model is the only one that doesn’t include a remote
  • The number associated with each model indicates it’s maximum air cleaning coverage
    • P150 = 150 sq. ft.
    • P300 = 300 sq. ft.
    • P450 = 450 sq. ft.

As you can see, the only differences within this product line is the inclusion of a remote control and the maximum space each air purifier can purify. Depending on the size of the room(s) you want to place the device in will determine which product is the better investment.

How PlasmaWave Technology Works

The patented PlasmaWave technology by Winix is a highly unique air purifying process that operates similarly to an ionic generator, but doesn’t produce harmful ozone.

It works by attacking pollutants at the molecular level through the use of water vapor. This process is highly effective at neutralizing airborne toxins such as viruses, bacteria, chemical vapors, odors, and gases. When combined with a fan and filter system this creates an air purifier that’s capable of removing all types of unwanted pollutants inside your home.


Throughout this article, we’ve shown you the similarities and differences of each model within the PlasmaWave and FresHome Series, as well as how the FresHome Series has changed from the original PlasmaWave Series.

If you’re still trying to decide on which model and/or series to get, here are some final things to consider before making a purchase:

  • Both the PlasmaWave and FresHome Series use the same 3-stage air purifying process.
  • The PlasmaWave WAC5500 is the overall best value in its series. It includes both a remote and washable filter. The WAC5300 lacks a remote and WAC6300 doesn’t offer any additional worthwhile features.
  • The only differences in the FresHome Series is that the P150 doesn’t include a remote and each model has a different maximum air space coverage.
  • All PlasmaWave models purify the same size air space (350 sq. ft.) You can’t downgrade or upgrade if you’re looking to match the air purifier to a smaller or larger space. However, the FresHome Series does allow you to do this by offering options for 150-450 sq. ft.
  • Both the PlasmaWave and FresHome Series allow you to turn the PlasmaWave generator on or off.

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