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Humidifiers are an excellent way to keep your hair and skin moisturized in the winter months. However, can you or should you use a humidifier in summer? The answer is yes, in some situations, a humidifier can still be useful in warm months.

Who Should Use a Humidifier in Summer?

It is true that many places do not require a humidifier in summer months. States that have lots of bodies of water tend to be fine without a humidifier in the summer season. Although, the dry areas of the country still demand humidifier usage, otherwise these states can be quite uncomfortable. 

During summer, if you live in western states such as California and Nevada, you should be using a humidifier. This differs from winter time, where northern, central states like North Dakota and South Dakota become the driest. 

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Don’t worry, the cost of a humidifier has dramatically decreased in the past decade. You can easily buy one of the best small humidifiers on Amazon for about $50 or less. 

Benefits of Humidifier in Summer

Aside from making your living environment a little less dry, humidifiers have many other benefits during summer time. 

For instance, if you suffer from nosebleeds on a regular basis or have sinus problems, having a humidifier in summer months and potentially year-round could show improvement. 

If you snore a lot while sleeping and often wake up with a dry mouth, a humidifier could also be a relief. 

In both of these cases, it is best to keep a humidifier in your bedroom. For an easy way to see what humidifier will do the trick, visit our best humidifiers for the bedroom guide.  

Should I Turn Off My Humidifier in the Summer?

If you live in an extremely humid part of the country such as Florida, you should probably turn off your humidifier in the summer. There’s no need of sweating through the afternoons and refilling your humidifier’s water tank every other day. Save your time and water bill by turning off your humidifier in the summer.