Photo of Pet Hair on a CouchIf you ask any cat or dog owner this question, “What’s the one thing you like least about your pet,” you’ll undoubtedly get a response like this, “Their hair gets everywhere!

Pet hair can be very irritating for a lot of people, especially when it collects on your clothing, furniture and carpets.

However, it doesn’t mean that you have to start banning your beloved pets from certain rooms of the house or keep the vacuum at arm’s length.

In this article, we’ll share with you some simple tricks for how to get rid of pet hair on all types of surfaces inside your home.

Simple Tricks for How to Get Rid of Pet Hair

Try a Cheap Air Purifier

Photo of a Cheap Pet Air PurifierA lot of us don’t want to bother with having to clean up cat or dog hair on a regular basis.

Fortunately, there’s now a product on the market that can do a majority of this labor for you—an air purifier that’s been designed for pets.

In another article, we reveal what is the best air purifier for pets and why it works so well.

For a small investment you can have a lot of the hair that’s shed by your pets collected into the filter of this device, which can then be vacuumed clean.

It’s a great addition for any home that has cats, dogs or other pets that shed hair.

Use a Damp Cloth or Rubber Gloves

When it comes to pet hair, there’s one thing it doesn’t like—water.

If there’s a stubborn spot of hair on a piece of furniture or clothing that’s driving you nuts, try this trick next time.

Dampen a cloth with water and then rub the area that’s full of hair. You’ll find that it easily clumps up on the rag due to the water.

If you don’t want to dirty a rag, you can also use a pair of rubber gloves to achieve the same effect.

Put the gloves on and dip them in water. Then rub the surface with pet hair to make it clump up and easier to remove.

Pick it Up with Tape

Another quick way to get rid of cat and dog hair on any surface is to use something that most of us already have lying around our home—long strips of tape or a lint tape roller.

We don’t recommend regular scotch tape, simply because it’s too narrow of a strip to pick up much hair.

What you should try instead is wide packing tape.

This type of tape covers the most area and can be used outstretched between hour hands or formed into a circle so that you can roll it along the surface (see WikiHow for how to do this.)

If you have a tape roller lying around, a tool mostly used to get hair off of clothing, you can also use this to clean up furniture, drapes and other areas of your home.

This can make the process a lot quicker and easier than using packing tape.

Use a Balloon

This trick can be fun, especially if you have children.

Blow up a balloon and tie it off so that it doesn’t leak air.

Next, rub the balloon on your own head of hair.

Then, touch it to the area with pet hair and watch it cling to the balloon.

The static electricity will attract the hair to the balloon, which you can then rub off into the trash can.

If you have kids, this type of activity can keep them busy for hours, while at the same time helping you clean up the house.

A Quick Fix for Clothing

Has this ever happened to you…

You use a tape roller to remove hair from a black coat, yet no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to get all of it.

If this type of thing drives you crazy, try this trick next time.

One of the easiest ways for how to get rid of pet hair on clothing is to toss it into a dryer with a few dryer sheets.

The dryer sheets will loosen the hair from the garment it will fall into the lint trap—leaving it hair-free.

Use the FURminator on Your Pets

Photo of the FURminator BrushOur final recommendation on this topic is to fix the root of the problem—maintaining your pet’s fur.

If you keep your cat or dog properly groomed, then the chance of pet hair collecting throughout your home drops tremendously.

One of the best products on the market for getting rid of shedding hair, especially in the undercoat of your pet’s fur, is the FURminator brush.

This tool is a great investment and dramatically cuts down on pet hair.

Regular pet combs just don’t compare to the FURminator brush.

So, check it out and see for yourself how amazing it is.

You’ll wonder why you hadn’t discovered it earlier.

Having Trouble with Pet Odors?

The tips offered above are great ways to get rid of the pet hair that collects around your home.

However, along with this hair often comes pet odors as well.

Or head over to our guide on The Best Air Purifier for Odor Elimination to find an air purifier that works well for this issue.