katchy indoor bug trap

Looking for an indoor insect trap? You’ve come to the right place. Picture this: you’re sitting on the couch, enjoying your favorite show and minding your own business. Then, out of nowhere, a tiny flying bug decides to fly back and forth, inches from your face. You swat it away, only to have it return time and again because you can never quite catch it. Infuriating, right? Well, that was our lives a few months ago! No matter how clean we kept the kitchen, or how hidden the fruit were, it was tough to get rid of gnats and fruit flies. Then, like a purple haloed angel, we found the Katchy UV light bug trap. With the promise of quiet, effective, and reliable bug control, we ordered one, and our lives has never been the same since.

A new kind of indoor insect trap: stick, not swat

The way it works is really simple. The bugs are attracted to the UV light, then sucked down by the internal fan, which deposits them onto the sticky pad below. We loved that it doesn’t have noisy zaps like other of indoor fly traps we tried. Also, this meant it was safe for curious kids and pets. One of our favorite features is the optional “Auto Mode” – simply click a button and it only goes on when it’s dark! It’s easier to attract bugs with light when it’s dark, so this means you won’t waste electricity by running it during daylight hours. 

What bugs does Katchy trap?

A lot of indoor insect trap products promise a solution for all the pests, but they are always too good to be true. Katchy said it was going to help deal with fruit flies, gnats, mosquitos, and moths… and it has! One time it even caught a large gold beetle that definitely made a mistake. Sadly, the Katchy won’t be effective against anything that isn’t attracted to a UV light. Therefore, no houseflies, ants, or roaches will be among your Katchy Kills. 

Where does Katchy work best?

We tested two Katchy traps in many different rooms. The UV light only attracts bugs that can see it, so it doesn’t work outside of the room in which it’s placed. If you have different areas of your home that need a mosquito trap or fruit fly trap, you may need to move it around periodically or invest in multiple devices. Here are some of the places we found great success (aka a lot of Katchy Kills) in my home: 

  • Kitchen – We have a Katchy permanently set up on the countertop in a corner of the kitchen. It deals with fruit flies, gnats, moths, and mosquitoes that find their way in on fruits and vegetables, or through the drains. Whenever left fruit out of the fridge, we put them next to the Katchy and it keeps us fruit fly-free for sure!
  • Office – Like most folks, we love houseplants, a lot. One of the downsides of all the indoor greenery is that gnats are a constant issue. Having a Katchy running next to plants kept the gnat population almost completely wiped out. 
  • Dining Room – We also tested with small bar set up in the dining room. Do you know what loves the little spills of alcohol and mixers? Yep, fruit flies and gnats! When we’re using the bar regularly or have people over for drinks, we move the Katchy next to it to distract and it destroys any flies who think it’s an open bar. 

If you live in a place with lots of mosquitos, you know that summer can be a big problem. We’d recommend moving a Katchy to the bedroom or next to a couch in the living room. It’s so quiet that it wouldn’t disturb your sleep or interrupt your Netflix show!

How to Replace & Reload (for $10!)

The best thing about the Katchy, other than the auto mode, is how easy it is to replace the sticky traps. There’s a button on the side that is easy to press (no prying the bottom off or tools required!), open the hinged compartment, and take out the trap and replace it with a new one. As it’s a super sticky trap, there won’t be any loose bugs to catch or worry about. Sometimes we gave the compartment a wipe down with paper towels if it’s got slightly dusty, but otherwise, no cleaning required! Each Katchy came with 4 sticky trap sheets, but you can buy 8 packs of their refillable glue boards when you run out. We changed ours whenever they start to look full or when the stickiness seems to be fading (you test that by touching a bug-free part of the board).

Indoor Insect Trap FAQs, Tips & Tricks

What is used to trap flying insects?

The Katchy, and many other indoor insect traps use UV light, purple in color, as bait to attract the bugs. Then, the pests are sucked down to the sticky surface where they are trapped. We’ve seen in other people’s reviews that a cap full of apple cider vinegar inside or next to the trap can help lure more bugs, but we found the Katchy is effective enough without needing to do this tactic. 

Where do you put a bug trap?

The best way to get the most out of your bug trap is to think about where you put it. There’s no point hiding it out of sight – if you can’t see the light, chances are the bugs can’t either. Thankfully the Katchy is a nice looking device, so most people don’t mind it being visible in their home. We tend to keep ours at countertop height or lower, as it gives the bugs the highest chance of being able to see the light and be attracted to it.

Do bug traps really work?

Yes, bug traps work very well. Don’t expect immediate results. It took a few days for us to notice a difference in the number of flying bugs in the house. After the first week the gnats and fruit flies were almost nonexistent! Just set the Katchy and forget about it for a few days, then have a look at the trap. It’s weirdly satisfying to see all the bugs stuck on the trap.

Our Pick for Indoor Insect Trap

So, to conclude. Katchy changed my life and it will change yours too. Just kidding! But it is really as effective as it suggests, and it’s made measurable improvements to my home. Here is a final list of my pros and cons that might help you decide if the Katchy indoor insect trap is right for you: 


  • Catches fruit flies, gnats, moths, mosquitos for sure
  • Easy to set up and move around
  • Attractive design
  • Affordable to buy device and replacement boards
  • No noises or smells 


  • Doesn’t catch flies, roaches, or ants
  • Can sometimes be in the way or takes up a power outlet in the kitchen
  • Has to be placed in line-of-sight for bugs

Looking for more options on indoor fly trap products? Here’s a healthy list of 5 options, including the Katchy. Are cleanliness problems causing your insect problem? See our guide on 25 things you can do to clean up your home