Veva humidifier

We’ve enjoyed our Veva air purifier for many years. It spans a great range, comes at an affordable price, and just flat-out works the way it should. So, we were thrilled to see that Veva was extending its product line to include a brand-new Veva humidifier


Make no mistake, we bought the Veva humidifier as soon as it became available and were blown away for a second time by how great Veva products perform. The Veva humidifier emulates the air purifier in being affordable, high-performance and easy to use. 

Under The Hood of the Veva Humidifier 

We certainly aren’t professional photographers, but here’s what the Veva humidifier looks like on our kitchen counter. 

veva humidifier in kitchen 

Veva Humidifier Attributes

Area Coverage

Most people put humidifiers in their bedroom, office or living space. Generally speaking, a bedroom is somewhere between 150 – 250 square feet. An office is likely 100 – 150 square feet. Finally, a living space is most often 200 – 300 square feet. Therefore, you need a humidifier that will humidify at least 300 square feet of space. The Veva humidifier has an excellent 323 square feet of coverage area. 

Run Time

Constantly having to refill a humidifier will make you wish you never bought a humidifier. To avoid this problem, you’ll want a humidifier of a runtime beyond 24 hours. Most humidifiers these days are between 24 – 36 hours for this reason. However, the Veva humidifier boasts a runtime of 45 hours. 

Water Tank Size

One of the main attributes affecting your humidifier’s runtime is the size of the water tank. The other attribute is the setting (low, medium, high) that you run your humidifier. Most humidifiers that we see are between 1/2 – 2 liters of water. The Veva humidifier has an incredible 4 1/2 liter water tank. 

Customer Support

When we received our Veva humidifier, it was very easy to setup. We remove it from the box, stretched out the cord, removed tape and started using it right away. The top fill feature was great for water, but then we had a question about using it as a diffuser. The user manual had some conflicting information, so we raised a customer support question.

Usually, our humidifier team waits 2 – 5 business days to hear back on common questions. The Veva humidifier team responded in less than 2 hours and cleared up any confusion we had caused ourselves. 

veva humidifier in living room

Pro Tip: Register Your Veva Humidifier

Each Veva humidifier comes with a little QR code sheet. When we got ours, we immediately scanned the code with our phone and were able to register for an extended warranty. We also kept that sheet in a special place because it connects us to all the important information we might need to reference should problems occur. 

Bottom Line on the Veva Humidifier

Veva’s humidifier cuts no corners. It’s the best humidifier our experts have tested. Much like Veva’s air purifier, it’s a stand-out device in its category at a reasonable price.