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If you want to know the answer to the question, “What is an air ionizer,” then this article is for you.

At first, ionizing technology may seem difficult to understand, but we assure you that it’s not.

Below, we’ll talk about how does an ionizer work and why you may want to consider getting one of these units for your home.

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What is an Air Ionizer?

An ionizer is a device that you can place inside your home which uses a unique form of technology to clean the air around you.

This type of device is very powerful because it can help to get rid of particles as small as .01 microns in size.

This includes most pollen, bacteria, allergens, and dust that cause breathing problems and overall lower health.

Compared to HEPA filter technology, which is the biggest competing type of air purifier for an Ionizer, this product doesn’t operate by way of a physical paper filter.

The way in which it works is actually quite simple to understand.

An air ionizer (also known and an Ionic air purifier) operates by emitting negatively charged ions into the air.

These ions attract positively charged ions, which include things like allergens, dust, and bacteria and causes a bond to form between them.

Once this bond is formed, the particles become heavier than normal.

This weight increase causes the bonded particles to fall to the ground and/or become trapped on an electrostatic collection plate.

If equipped with this feature, the air ionizer plate can be washed clean and used for the life of the device.

Ionizers are an attractive type of air purifier for many homeowners because they don’t require costly filter changes.

However, one of the major issues with ionic air purifiers that may be a concern for some people is that they can cause negative side effects for asthmatics, according to WebMd.

Some people have claimed that the ions it generates have caused an increase in their asthmatic symptoms.

If you or someone in your home suffers from severe asthma, it’s important that you understand that this may or may not happen after getting an air ionizer product.

For that reason, the best air purifier for asthma uses a HEPA filter.

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