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In this guide, we’ll review the basics of what humidifiers do and how they work then dive into the details of some of our favorite Crane humidifier options.

Low indoor humidity can exacerbate allergies, worsen asthma, dry out your skin and lips, and could even increase your risk of getting sick. If you live in a cool climate or use an air conditioning system during the summer, low humidity is more likely to be an issue. The simple solution, in either case, is to invest in a portable humidifier.

Here at Home Air Guides, it’s our goal to help you make a smart decision when it comes to improving indoor air quality in your home. A humidifier is a great choice if you’re looking to increase humidity levels and Crane is a reputable brand to consider.

How Does a Humidifier Work? 

A humidifier is a device that releases moisture into the air. In doing so, a humidifier helps remedy problems with low indoor humidity. Some models simply allow you to choose among several different output levels. Some others incorporate a built-in hygrometer that measures indoor humidity and adjusts the output to achieve the desired level of humidity. 

There are two primary types of humidifiers: cool mist and warm mist. Warm mist humidifiers heat the water to create steam while cool mist humidifiers use high-frequency vibrations or a moisture-wicking filter and fan to disperse moisture. 

What Models Are Available? 

Crane is a big name in home appliances, especially when it comes to indoor air quality. The brand was founded in 2005 and has grown steadily over the years, designing their devices with efficiency, style, and function in mind. In addition to caring about the quality of their products, Crane cares about the environment. Their humidifiers are designed to operate efficiently and, when properly cleaned and maintained, can last for years. 

Here are a few of the top models available from Crane: 

0.5 Gallon Warm Mist Humidifier

crane humidifier

Ideal for small to medium rooms, this vaporizer includes a medicine cup in the top so you can use inhalant medications like Vicks. The removable 0.5-gallon tank ensures up to 13 hours of humidification for small rooms up to 250 square feet. This model warms the water to 131 degrees Fahrenheit to help kill germs and it runs very quietly.

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Elliot the Elephant Humidifier

crane humidifier

Perfect for use in the nursery or a child’s bedroom, this humidifier is shaped like an elephant. You can also choose from other animal shapes like a fox, monkey, or owl and even a train engine. This humidifier utilizes ultrasonic cool mist technology and has a 1-gallon tank capable of humidifying spaces up to 500 square feet for as long as 24 hours.

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1-Gallon 4-in-1 Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifier 

crane humidifier

If you plan to use a humidifier in your bedroom, you want to be sure it runs quietly. This 4-in-1 humidifier has another function that makes it great for sleep – a white noise machine. It offers a 24-hour run time with a 1-gallon tank and is rated for rooms up to 500 square feet. It also functions as a nightlight and has an aroma tray for use with vapor pads or essential oils.

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2-Gallon Ultrasonic Cool Mist Tower Humidifier

crane humidifier

Very large spaces need a large humidifier. This tower humidifier has a 2-gallon tank, so it can humidify spaces up to 500 square feet for as long as 48 hours. What makes this humidifier unique is that it incorporates germicidal UV-A technology to kill germs in the water tank. It’s easy to fill, easy to clean, and doesn’t require a filter.

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Which Humidifier is Right for You? 

Before shopping for humidifiers, it’s wise to determine whether you actually need one. Problems with allergies and asthma are sometimes related to poor indoor air quality and not humidity. Signs you do need a humidifier, however, include static electricity, frequent colds and flu, scratchy throat, nose bleeds, and chapped lips. 

The first question to answer if you’ve decided a humidifier is a good option is whether a cool mist or warm mist model is best. Warm mist humidifiers utilize a heating element to boil the water into steam. This process helps kill bacteria and germs, but there’s some risk for burns so these humidifiers are not recommended for use around children or pets. Cool mist humidifiers are safe for just about every application, however. 

If you’re considering one of the Crane models reviewed above, think about the size of the space you need to humidify. 

The 0.5 Gallon Warm Mist humidifier is great for small rooms, though probably not appropriate for a nursery or child’s bedroom. Elliot the Elephant, however, is specifically designed for use around children. It’s a cool mist model that runs quietly and, of course, has a fun shape. 

For medium to large rooms, the 1-Gallon 4-in-1 humidifier might be a good choice. It’s another cool mist model but is specifically designed for overnight use with the built-in sound machine. For very large rooms and for people concerned about indoor air quality, the 2-Gallon Ultrasonic humidifier uses UV-A light. This kills germs in the water tank to prevent the dispersal of pathogens into the air.

If none of these seems like the right fit, check out one of our other favorites, the Veva humidifier. Between its features and price point, we think this can’t be beat.


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How to Use and Clean a Humidifier

Humidifiers are easy to use, but if you want to maximize the longevity of your and improve safety, it’s wise to clean it often. Don’t just top off the water tank after each use. 

A humidifier can harbor bacteria and germs in the water tank and inside the device. Depending on what kind of water you use to fill it, you may also find that mineral deposits build up over time. You should disassemble and wipe down the interior of the unit once a week and clean the tank each time it runs dry. 

Here are some simple steps to clean your humidifier’s water tank: 

  1. Unplug the humidifier then remove and empty the water tank. 
  2. Combine 1 cup of water and 1 cup of vinegar and pour it into the interior of the unit.
  3. Let the mixture sit for one hour while you clean the tank.
  4. Fill the tank with 2 cups of vinegar and seal it well.
  5. Shake the tank for several minutes then drain the tank through the nozzle.
  6. Fill the tank with clean water and shake to rinse then drain.
  7. Pour the vinegar solution out of the base and wipe it down.
  8. Let both the water tank and the base completely air dry before filling and using.

If your humidifier uses a filter, be sure to check it regularly as well. Keep a few spares on hand so you can replace the filter as needed. 

Bottom Line 

You can find humidifiers online and in-store through a wide variety of retailers. When it comes to an investment in your home’s indoor air quality, you want to know you’re making a smart choice. Crane is a trusted name in home air quality products and they have a wide selection of humidifiers to choose from.