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Vicks is a well-known brand of over-the-counter medications for cough, cold, and flu but they also offer a wide variety of humidifiers that are compatible with their products. Vicks humidifier products are designed to increase indoor humidity by releasing water vapor into the air in conjuction with their other products. They come in a wide range of sizes and use various technologies to accomplish this goal. 

We’ve done all the research on the various Vicks humidifiers available and discuss why one of them may or may not be the right choice for you.

What Does a Vicks Humidifier Do? 

Humidifiers are devices that increase indoor humidity by releasing water vapor into the air. They come in cool mist and warm mist models and use a variety of different technologies to accomplish their goal. 

Ultrasonic humidifiers use vibration technology to create a room temperature mist while impeller humidifiers use rotating discs to break water droplets into mist. An evaporative humidifier uses a fan that blows water across a moistened wick to create vapor and a vaporizer uses heat to boil water into steam. 

Vicks offers a wide variety of humidifiers covering many of these categories. What makes a Vicks humidifier different, however, is that many are designed to be used with Vicks products like Vapopads. Vapopads are vapor pads infused with menthol to provide cough-suppressing benefits to ease cold and flu symptoms. 

5 Popular Vicks Humidifier Models

Vicks offers 15 different humidifier models, both warm mist and cool mist options. They also offer a single waterless vaporizer that is designed to be used with Vicks Vapopads. While there’s no shortage of options, we think that these 5 have an option for everyone. 

Vicks Embrace Cool Mist Humidifier 

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One of Vicks’ most technologically advanced models, this cool mist humidifier offers precision settings and digital touch control. The large 1.2 gallon tank enables a runtime of up to 24 hours and the humidifier is compatible with Vapopads. 

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Vicks Mini Cool Mist Humidifier


For nurseries and small bedrooms, this mini humidifier is a great choice. The ½ gallon tank  offers a runtime up to 24 hours on the lowest setting and the humidifier is easy to control with an adjustable knob. This humidifier is also compatible with Vapopads. 

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Vicks Sweet Dreams Ultrasonic Humidifier


Another cool mist humidifier, this model is specifically designed to be used at night. It has a 1-gallon tank which makes it ideal for small to medium rooms and it operates very quietly. This model also has a mist protector that projects nine dream-inspired images.

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Vicks Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifier


Designed for use with Vicks Vapopads, this cool mist humidifier offers a filter-free design. It runs quietly and the large 1.2-gallon tank delivers a continuous runtime of up to 30 hours. It has an automatic shut-off safety feature and can hold up to two Vicks Vapopads. 

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Vicks 3-in-1 Sleepytime Humidifier 

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Ideal for nurseries and small bedrooms, this cool mist humidifier doubles as an essential oil diffuser. It also has a color-changing nightlight to create a soothing ambiance. This humidifier has a filter-free design and a 0.6 gallon tank that delivers up to 24 hours of continuous operation.

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What Are the Pros and Cons? 

The primary benefit of a Vicks humidifier over standard models is their compatibility with Vicks Vapopads. Not only do these menthol-infused pads help suppress coughs, but they also come in a non-medicated variety infused with soothing rosemary and lavender. 

Vicks humidifiers are generally pretty affordable, especially the mini models which are ideal for nurseries and small bedrooms. They even offer a waterless vaporizer. 

The downside of Vicks humidifiers is that in order to receive the cough-suppressing benefits, you’ll need to purchase Vapopads. Refills are available on Amazon, however, and cost under $1 per pad. Of course, you can always use a Vicks humidifier without Vapopads if you choose.

Tips for Using and Cleaning a Vicks Humidifier

When using a humidifier, it’s essential that you keep the unit clean. Using the humidifier wrong or failing to clean it regularly can not only compromise the functionality of the unit but it could create conditions that might worsen symptoms of cough, cold, and flu. 

The best thing you can do is read the manufacturer’s instructions before you start using the humidifier. These will tell you how to set up the unit and what you need to do before using it the first time. You’ll learn how to use the controls and how to activate add-on features like nightlights. The instructions will also tell you how and how often to clean the unit. 

Cleaning a humidifier generally involves two steps: rinsing and drying the reservoir and wiping the inside of the unit clean. 

The water reservoir is where you’ll find the biggest risk for bacterial growth. The risk is highest if you leave stagnant water in the tank then use the unit again without cleaning it. On a daily basis, you should empty and rinse the reservoir then let it fully air dry before refilling. Once a week, clean it with a 10% bleach solution then rinse thoroughly. 

Cleaning the interior of the humidifier removes mineral deposits that, over time, might keep your humidifier from working properly. This is less of a risk if you use distilled water, but that can get expensive very quickly.

Bottom Line

If you’re concerned about low humidity in your home – especially if it’s causing colds and coughs – a humidifier might be the solution. There’s no shortage of options available online, but if you want a model that’s specifically designed for relieving cold, flu, and allergy symptoms we recommend a Vicks humidifier. 

Using the information above, you’ll be able to decide what features are important to you and match them to the Vicks models we’ve discussed.