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Dyson is known for its stellar and sleek products, ranging in everything from vacuums to hair dryers and everything in between.

This begs the question: How does a Dyson air purifier measure up?

With so many different models on the market, it can be hard to choose just one. To that end, we’ve rounded up some our top picks to help you choose the best one for you — as well on tips on where to buy one, so you can get your hands on one sooner rather than later.

Types of Dyson Air Purifiers

Traditional Air Purifiers

Traditional air purifiers cleanse your air to make it healthier and more comfortable in your home. They reduce airborne gasses, particles, and bacteria that float through the air and worsen allergies, headaches, and more.

Air Purifiers That Humidify

Some Dyson air purifiers combine the cleansing power of a purifier with the humidifying power of a humidifier. This way, you can have clean, breathable air while also controlling the humidity levels in your home. This gives you access to unparalleled comfort and breathability.

Air Purifiers That Heat and Cool

These air purifiers are excellent because they work to keep you comfortable year-round. Rather than having an air purifier, heater, and air conditioner, you can combine all three of these appliances into one convenient unit.

Purifying Desk Fans

Purifying desk fans are compact units that are perfect for desks and other small spaces. They can be put away in storage if necessary and are extremely convenient and sometimes even portable.

The Best Dyson Air Purifiers

Dyson Pure Cool TP01 Fan

Weighing just under eight pounds, this unit is tall and slender, making it fairly inconspicuous in your home. It fits well into room corners and is stylish enough to blend into your decor.

It includes a carbon filter to eliminate odors and a HEPA filter to trap 99.7% of bacterias, allergens, pollutants, and gases to keep your home healthy.

With an automatic shut-off and a spinning fan, the purifier is designed to be turned on and forgotten about, so you can breathe clean air without having to think about it.

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Dyson Pure Cool TP04

The TP04 uses HEPA filters to eliminate bacteria and toxins from your home so you can breathe easily and live comfortably. They are Energy Star-certified so you don’t need to worry about them taking up too much electricity.

In addition to purifying your air, this model can also cool down your space, acting as a small air conditioner. It also comes in five different colors, so you can pick the one that suits your style best.

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Dyson Pure Humidfy and Cool Cryptomic PH02

The Dyson Pure Humidfy and Cool Cryptomic PH02 is the most expensive of the Dyson air purifiers because it combines air purification with a humidifier, a cooling fan, and Cryptomic technology to create a comfortable atmosphere for living and breathing.

It can humidify your space for 36 hours straight, so you can be sure the humidity will be adjusted how you want it. It has four settings: sleep, backward airflow, fan and breeze, as well.

According to Dyson, the Cryptomic technology converts formaldehyde into minuscule amounts of water and carbon dioxide so you can breathe will fewer toxins in the air around you.

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Dyson Pure Hot and Cool HP01

The HP01 is a compact air purifier that is closer in size to a desk air purifier. It is perfect for small apartments because it can heat, cool, and purify the air without taking up much space.

The unit isn’t as powerful as the large Dyson air purifiers, but can still get the job done given enough time. It is great for a single room or office.

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Dyson Pure Cool Me BP01

The Pure Cool Me has a 70-degree turn range that can operate at ten different speeds so you can adjust depending on your home’s air conditions. The model comes in two color options and utilizes a carbon and glass HEPA filter to remove bacteria and toxins from the air.

To make your life easier, there is an automatic reminder that lets you know when you need to change your filter. It also has a handy sleep mode that can automatically shut off, so you have purified air while you sleep.

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Dyson Pure Cool DP04

This high-tech model has an ​​LCD screen that displays pollution information in your area, so you know how clean the air you breathe is.

This information is even more important if you live in a congested area where factory emissions and smoke infiltrates your home.

It uses the HEPA filter to clean the air and keep you and your family breathing well and feeling healthy.

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Where to Buy a Dyson Air Purifier

These are the top five places you can go to purchase a shiny new Dyson air purifier.

Best Buy

Best Buy has more than eight different purifiers made by Dyson. Some of these are traditional but most of them have cooling or heating features too, to make your space even more comfortable.

Best Buy is a great spot to buy your Dyson air purifier because they have so many different options.

Home Depot

Home Depot also has all of the Dyson air purifier models, so you can find whichever one you’re looking for. If you just want to get your air purifier and get out, Home Depot can be an overwhelming store to navigate, nevertheless, they have a great selection and knowledgeable staff to help you.

As far as price, it seems Home Depot charges the most for Dyson air purifiers, so it may not be the most affordable store to order or buy from.


Just like Home Depot, Lowe’s is a giant store you may not want to navigate just to get your air purifier. But they currently offer six models of Dyson air purifiers, so you certainly have options to choose from. Plus, their experts are always there to help you.


Target offers six of the Dyson air purifier models. They are priced about the same as other stores. Target offers slightly lower prices than its competitors, making it great for people looking for something affordable. But staff are less likely to be well-versed in the specs of the Dyson air purifiers.

Dyson Service Center

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And finally, you can go right to the source and get your Dyson air purifier from Dyson, so you know the pros are taking care of you. This is a great choice if you want to check out different Dyson products and talk to a specialist.

Bottom Line

So now you know where to head to purchase your Dyson air purifier. Don’t wait to start breathing clean, healthy air, and get your Dyson purifier as soon as possible.

Luckily, these top-of-the-line purifiers are available at stores that are easy to find, so anyone can get one to reduce the pollutants and allergens in their home.