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Ways to cool down your home without using the air conditioner

Simple Ways to Cool Down Your Home Without Using the Air Conditioner

There’s no denying it. The hot summer months come with unbearable heat. And for many of us, that also means high energy bills. It’s always te...
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How to keep top floor apartment cool in summer

How to Keep Top Floor Apartment Cool in Summer (13 Tips to Cool Down Fast)

Living in a top floor apartment has a lot of advantages. You get the best views, experience less noise, and enjoy lower heating bills. But, it a...
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Best way to cool attic

Best Way to Cool an Attic (7 Tips to Keep Your Attic Cooler)

Do you have a hot attic? Are you looking for the best way to cool an attic so it's more energy efficient? Or how about making better use of that...
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At Home Air Quality Guides, we’re dedicated to helping people improve the air quality and comfort inside their homes through the use of air purifiers, air conditioners, and space heaters.

Essentially, we've done all of the in-depth research and testing so you don't have to.

For many of you, the technology behind air purification, air conditioning, and heating is intimidating and it can be hard to know what product will meet your specific needs. Therefore, we’ve put together this site to help you understand how each of these air quality and conditioning systems work so you can choose the best unit for your home.

As an educational resource, we strive to seek out those burning questions people have about air purifiers, air conditioners, and space heaters and write in-depth articles and buying guides that put those to rest.

You’ll find that there’s no other website on the Internet that’s quite like us. Our mission of helping people is at the forefront of everything we do and we continue to populate a space online that helps people become well educated on air purification, air cooling, and home heating topics.

Being able to share the answers to the “what, “why”, and “how” on improving indoor air quality and comfort puts our visitors in the driver’s seat for how to best handle their own situations.

We hope you enjoy the in-depth research and expert advice you find on our site.