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The Home Air Guides website was originally launched in 2015 to serve a particular mission:

“To help people understand how air purifiers work and to guide them on finding the best unit for their homes.”

In 2017, we expanded our site to include information on how to better improve the cooling comfort inside a home through the use of portable air conditioners, window AC units, and ductless mini split AC systems.

Then in 2020, we went one step further and added heating to mix by offering expert solutions on home heating through various types of portable space heaters.

Our new mission statement now includes these added services.

Mission Statement

“To help people improve the air quality and comfort inside their homes through the use of air purifiers, air conditioners, and space heaters.”

Air Purifiers

For many people, the world of air purification technology is intimidating and it can be hard to figure out what type of product to get.

What’s most confusing about this topic is the fact that there are four major types of air purifying filters on the market:

  • HEPA
  • Ionic
  • Ultra Violet
  • Carbon

Most consumers don’t know what these terms mean and when they look to purchase an air purifier device, more often than not, they end up getting the wrong product that doesn’t produce the results they were looking to get.

The goal of our air purifiers section is to help you understand how air purifying technology works, why it’s beneficial for your health, and how to make the best buying decision possible.

In order to do that, we’ve put together a large set of educational articles that dig deep into every aspect of this type of technology.

By focusing our efforts on covering every type of question a consumer may have, we’ve been able to guide people in the right direction for how to find the best air purifier for their home.

Air Conditioners

Like air purifiers, home air conditioning systems can also be a difficult topic to understand.

With at least six different types of air conditioning options available to homeowners (central, window, through-the-wall, portable, ductless mini split, and package thermal air conditioners) it can be hard to know which type is most beneficial and cost-effective for your needs.

At Home Air Guides, we believe that window, through-the-wall, portable, and ductless mini split systems are the most economical choice for comfortable living.

Our goal here is to help you understand how each of these air conditioning systems works, the ways each one can save you money, and how to choose the best one for your home.

The purpose of our air conditioners section is to cover everything you would ever want to know about these home cooling products so you can make the best buying decision possible.

Space Heaters

There are various ways to heat your home in addition to using a whole-house furnace or boiler system.

Those options include different types of space heaters, such as ceramic, fan, infrared, propane, oil-filled radiators, and panel heaters.

The goal of our space heaters section is to help you find a more economical way to stay warmer during the colder months by using portable heating solutions.

An Education First Philosophy

At Home Air Guides, we pride ourselves on putting education first before making any product recommendations on our website.

As an educational resource, we strive to seek out those burning questions people have about air purifiers, air conditioners, and heating systems and write articles that put those to rest.

You’ll find that there’s no other website on the Internet that’s quite like us.

Our mission and goals are at the forefront of everything we do and we continue to populate a space online that helps consumers become well educated on air purification, cooling, and heating topics.

Being able to share the answers to the “what, “why” and “how” on improving home air quality and comfort puts our visitors in the driver’s seat for how to best handle their own situations.

For example, an asthmatic will benefit the most from a HEPA air purifier, while someone who is prone to sickness will reap the benefits from an Ultraviolet type of device.

Additionally, a person living on the East Coast of the United States wouldn’t be able to cool their home very well when using a ventless version of a portable air conditioner because the high humidity levels would interfere with its cooling effectiveness.

Ventless air conditioners are better suited for low humidity areas such as the West Coast.

And, there’s a big difference between how an infrared space heater warms up a room versus a ceramic heater. And that difference could make or break how comfortable you feel during a cold night.

As you can see, this is the kind of information that many consumers have no clue about when they’re shopping for air purifying, air conditioning, or portable heating products.

Therefore, Home Air Guides is here to provide a valuable service that puts consumer education first in the process of finding the most effective air controlling products for their needs.

Feel free to browse through our site and take in all of the free information that we have to provide.

If you ever have any questions, you can contact us at any time and we’ll be glad to help!

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David Morrison, Air Quality & Comfort Technician

Katherine Dyson, Staff Writer

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