what does ion mean on a fan

What Does “Ion” Mean On a Fan?

Have you ever gone to turn on your fan and realize there’s a little “Ion” button that you’ve never pressed? Or maybe it says ION in big, bold letters on the box of your new fan — but you don’t actually know what that means? You’re in the company of many asking what does ion […]

ionizer for HVAC system

Why You Need an Ionizer for Your HVAC System

The air quality of your home should never be taken for granted. It’s important to understand how to stay ahead of any potentially harmful invisible pollutants that could be circulating throughout your home. A great way to protect against airborne agents is to employ an air ionizer for HVAC system, although some people may even […]

ideal indoor humidity winter

What is the Ideal Indoor Humidity in the Winter?

The cold winter months have arrived, and lower temperatures bring lower humidity levels. It may not be a problem when you’re bundled up enjoying outdoor activities, but lower than ideal indoor humidity winter-time can lead to chronic issues with your skin and respiration. It may not be something you think about often but having enough […]

Ice Crystal Snowflake in front of Portable Mobile Room Air Conditioner. 3d Rendering

Why is my Dehumidifier Freezing Up & How to Fix It

Facing the cold, icy stare of a dehumidifier that’s frozen up? We’re here with answers. But first, it helps to understand how your dehumidifier works. When you know how a dehumidifier works, simple science can often explain why yours is freezing. If, while reading through this answer you find yourself wanting to start over with […]

How to keep top floor apartment cool in summer

How to Keep Top Floor Apartment Cool in Summer

Living in a top floor apartment has a lot of advantages. You get the best views, experience less noise, and enjoy lower heating bills. But, it also gets really hot in an upstairs apartment during the summer because heat rises. So if you’re looking for ways for how to keep top floor apartment cool in […]