Home Depot Humidifier

Should You Get a Home Depot Humidifier?

If you struggle with low indoor humidity, buying a humidifier is a simple solution. But where do you start? Home Depot is a great place to find small home appliances. There are plenty of Home Depot humidifier options available online and in-stores, just make sure you know what you’re looking for. Depending on where you […]

crane humidifier

What to Know About a Crane Humidifier

In this guide, we’ll review the basics of what humidifiers do and how they work then dive into the details of some of our favorite Crane humidifier options. Low indoor humidity can exacerbate allergies, worsen asthma, dry out your skin and lips, and could even increase your risk of getting sick. If you live in […]

walmart humidifier

Should You Get a Walmart Humidifier?

With both online and in-store shopping, Walmart is a convenient and often affordable place to shop. In this guide, we’ll dive into the function of a humidifier and provide you with our top five picks for Walmart humidifier options and our top pick from Amazon. Humidifiers come in all sizes and utilize various technologies to […]

humidifier benefits

What Are the Benefits of a Humidifier?

Low humidity in the home can cause static electricity. Beyond this mild concern, there are more serious problems associated with low humidity such as dry skin, cracked lips, scratchy throats, and even an increased risk of getting sick. A humidifier is a simple portable device you can use to increase the humidity level in the […]

best buy humidifier

What To Know Before Getting a Best Buy Humidifier

If you’re in the market for a humidifier, you may find the sheer number of options to be overwhelming.  Today we’ll talk about some of the Best Buy humidifier models they offer and whether it’s the best place to shop. We’ll also show you our favorite top performing and affordable one from Amazon. Low indoor […]

homedics humidifier

What to Know Before Getting a Homedics Humidifier

If you’re looking for a humidifier, you’re bound to come across Homedics. Today we’ll take a closer look at Homedics humidifier models to help you determine whether it’s the best choice. We’ll also show you our favorite from Amazon. If you’re worried about indoor humidity, a humidifier is a simple solution. These devices release water […]

Vaporizer vs Humidifier

What’s the Difference Between a Vaporizer and a Humidifier?

A common concern about indoor air is low humidity. Humidifiers are a great solution for low humidity, but there’s another product to consider: a vaporizer. Today we’ll discuss the difference between a vaporizer vs humidifier to help you determine which option is best for your home. Maintaining high indoor air quality is essential for protecting […]

warm mist humidifier

What is a Warm Mist Humidifier?

When shopping for humidifiers you’ll find that they generally fall into one of two categories: cool mist or warm mist humidifier options. It’s obvious enough that one produces a mist that’s warm and the other cool, but there’s more to it. In this guide, we’ll briefly touch on how humidifiers work in order to determine […]

vicks humidifier

What to Know About a Vicks Humidifier

Vicks is a well-known brand of over-the-counter medications for cough, cold, and flu but they also offer a wide variety of humidifiers that are compatible with their products. Vicks humidifier products are designed to increase indoor humidity by releasing water vapor into the air in conjuction with their other products. They come in a wide […]

Cool Mist Humidifier

What is a Cool Mist Humidifier?

Low humidity can cause dry skin, itchy eyes and throat, and may even exacerbate problems with allergies and asthma. Different types of humidifiers all accomplish the same goal but they do so using various technologies. Humidifiers are generally divided into two categories: a cool mist humidifier and a warm mist humidifier.  Today we’re going to […]