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If you landed on this page, you’re most likely asking yourself one of these two questions: “What do air purifiers do” or “How does an air purifier work.”

On this page, you’ll find the answer to these questions and much more.

What we suggest you do is look through the questions below and find the one that jumps out at you. Then, click on the question’s link and discover more about what air purifiers do and how they can help.

Photo of Air PurifierWhat Does an Air Purifier Do? How Do Air Purifiers Work?

If you have no clue what and air purifier does or how it can help, start by reading this short article to get a better understanding of this innovative technology. We’ll explain everything you need to know about this product and how it works.

Photo of Air Cleaner in a RoomDo I Need an Air Purifier? Are Air Purifiers Worth it?

Once you know how an air purifier functions, you may still be wondering if you even need one or not. In this article, you’ll not only discover the reasons for why you may want to get one for your home, but also which situations air purifiers can help best with.

Photo of Odor FiltersDo Air Purifiers Remove Odor?

One of the biggest advantages of owning an air purifier is the fact that it can help to remove odors and smells from you home. However, not all types of air purifiers are equipped to do such a task. Find out what types of air purifying devices are best at removing odors of all sorts.

Photo of Choosing a ProductHow to Choose an Air Purifier That’s Best for You

When looking to find the right air purifier for your needs, you’ll quickly discover that not all products are designed in the same way. What may be best for one person’s situation, may not be right for you. This short guide will show you how to choose an air purifier that’s best for your needs.

Photo of a Personal Air CleanerWhat is a Personal Air Cleaner/Purifier?

When it comes to air cleaners, most people imagine a device that’s placed inside of a room. With the advancement of this technology, you can now carry an air purifier with you no matter where you travel. Check out this article to find out what a personal air cleaner is and how it can help you while you are on the go.

Photo of a Living RoomHow to Choose the Right Size for an Air Purifier

Every air purifying product is designed to operate most efficiently within a certain size room or house. Find out how to properly size an air purifier for the place you want to use it. Knowing how to do this can potentially save you hundreds of dollars up front and on a yearly basis.

Graphic of Energy Star LogoWhy the Energy Star Label is Important

Do you know what the Energy Star label means when it’s placed on an air purifier? Do you know why this feature is very important to look for when buying a device for your home? If not, take a look at guide to find out why you should consider this feature when buying an air purifying product.

Photo of Air Purifying SystemMost Common Types of Air Purifiers and Air Purification Systems

There are many different types of air purifier systems for sale today and not all function in the same manner. In this article, you’ll find out what the most common types of air purification systems are, how each one works to clean the air and hopefully discover which technology type you prefer.

Photo of a HEPA Air PurifierWhat is a HEPA Air Purifier?

HEPA air purifiers are one of the most common types of products you’ll find for sale. Find out what the term “HEPA” means and how it is different from other types of air purifying products. This may be exactly the kind of air purifier you’re looking to get.

Photo of an IonizerWhat is an Air Ionizer? How Does an Ionizer Work?

Ionizers (also known as Ionic Air Purifiers), are starting to take up a lot more shelf space in stores these days. Find out what an ionizer is and how it operates in this guide. You may discover that it’s not the right type of air purifying product you may want inside your home.

Photo of a HEPA Purifier and Ionic PurifierHEPA Air Purifier Vs Ionizer (Ionic Air Purifier)

Most people have no clue how a HEPA air purifier is different from an Ionizer (or Ionic Air Purifier). Discover how each of these two types of products function, what types of particles they can eliminate and which one would be better for your specific needs.

Photo of a UV LightWhat is an Ultra Violet Light Used for on an Air Purifier?

Did you know that not all air purifiers contain an Ultra Violet (UV) light? This is a special technology you have to look for when making a buying decision. Find out what this special feature does and how it can create a cleaner airspace inside your home.

Photo of Activated Charcoal FilterWhat is an Activated Carbon/Charcoal Air Filter Used for?

Many air purifying products now include an Activated Carbon Filter. Do you know what this filter actually does? If not, take a look at this article in order to discover how this simple filter can make a big impact inside your home by getting rid of things you probably didn’t know were possible.

Photo of a Pre-FilterWhat is a Pre-filter?

If you’ve done any type or research whatsoever on air purifiers, you’ve clearly come across products that include a pre-filter. But, do you know what a pre-filter does or why it’s beneficial to have on an air purifying product? Find out the answer to this simple question here.

Photo of Woman Using Smart Air PurifierWhat is a Smart Air Purifier and How Does it Work?

Do you know what the difference is between a regular air purifier and a “smart” air purifier? Do you know which one would actually be a better for for your home? If not, take a look at this post to find out what advantages this type of air purifier can provide for you.

Graphic of AHAM CADR LogoACH and CADR Ratings Explained

Did you know that two of the most important features on an air purifier are the ACH and CADR ratings? If you have no clue what these acronyms mean, we suggest you read this short article. Knowing this little bit of information will make you a better educated consumer.

Photo of Features and Options PanelA List of Air Purifier Options and Features

Air purifiers come in all shapes and sizes, and with that, include a variety of options. If you want to find out what all of the different features are available on air purifiers today, then take a look at this short guide. You may find something you never new existed.

Photo of Buying GuideComplete Air Purifier Buying Guide

This is a complete guide to helping you find the right air purifier for your needs. It educates you on key aspects you should take into consideration when making a buying decision. Find out the who, what and why as it relates to air cleaners for your home.

Photo of AssociationsIndoor Air Quality Associations

As you’ll quickly discover, air purifiers are designed to a certain set of air quality standards. Most of this criteria came about through the development of several associations that strive to promote the advancement of air purification technology. Find out what these organizations are and how they have impact this field.

Photo of First Air PurifierThe Complete History of Air Purifiers

Do know when air purifying technology was first invented? Most people assume it was just 10-15 years ago, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Find out how old air purifying devices really are, how they got developed and the changes they’ve encountered along the way. This history of air purifiers may surprise you!

Graphic of FAQsEvery Question About Air Purifiers Answered in 50 Words or Less

If you’re considering the purchase of an air purifier then you probably have a list of questions you want answered. In this frequently asked questions guide we answer all of the top questions about air purifiers in as few words as possible. Get the answers you want quickly without a lot of fluff.