frozen snow covered AC unit outside

What Causes Air Conditioner to Freeze Up?

Isn’t it perplexing how an air conditioner can freeze up in the middle of summer? Many homeowners experience this issue, yet they are not knowledgeable about what causes air conditioner to freeze up and how to fix it. So, what causes air conditioner to freeze up? This article will discuss the most common causes of […]

Does an Air Purifier Cool the Room?

Air Purifiers vs Air Conditioners There are many products that can affect the air in your home due to moisture, temperature, and air quality. Air purifiers are a great tool to get rid of pollutants, allergens, and toxins in the air. These can be great in homes with pets, and people who have allergy issues. […]

what to do with water from dehumidifier

Can You Drink Water from a Dehumidifier?

Water is a valuable natural resource that needs to be protected. There are plenty of ways to conserve water around the home, and maybe you’re already doing some of them. There may, however, be one significant water source you’ve overlooked: the air itself. If you live in a humid area, a dehumidifier is a must-have. […]

Relieve congestion with a humidifier

Do Humidifiers Help with Congestion?

Home humidifiers are getting increasingly popular, and for a good reason. A handy, stylish, and an affordable little humidifier can be a game-changer for your breathing. It’s the simplest solution you can find to fix dry air you might be breathing all day.  If your lips and skin are dry, if you feel chills when […]

katchy indoor bug trap

The Best Indoor Insect Trap Is Under $40

Looking for an indoor insect trap? You’ve come to the right place. Picture this: you’re sitting on the couch, enjoying your favorite show and minding your own business. Then, out of nowhere, a tiny flying bug decides to fly back and forth, inches from your face. You swat it away, only to have it return […]