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Discover how space heaters work to heat up your home as well as get the answers to common questions about space heaters so you can make the right choice for your needs.


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Types Of Space Heaters Explained

Learn about the various types of space heaters and how each one works to heat up a room. Includes information on ceramic, fan, infrared, oil filled, propane, and flat panel heaters.

How Much Electricity Does a Space Heater Use

Discover the true cost and amount of electricity and energy space heaters use to operate.

Do Space Heaters Save Money and Energy?

Find out if, and how space heaters save money and reduce energy costs.

How Do Ceramic Heaters Work?

Learn how ceramic heaters work from the inside out.

How Do Infrared Heaters Work?

Learn how infrared heaters work to keep you warm.

How Do Propane Heaters Work?

Learn how propane heaters work as a source of heat for your home or outdoor space.