Graphic of An Air Purifier in a Room
A lot of people wonder how do air purifiers help inside the home. What can and can’t these products do?

The truth is that an air purifier is an excellent device to use in any room of the house because it can help with a variety of problems that come from airborne contaminants.

Over the years, air purifying technology has come a long way and we now have a number of different devices that are suited to tackle specific air quality needs.

Take a look at the categories below to find out what the best uses for air purifiers are at home. You may be surprised at what you learn!

Photo of Woman SneezingAllergies

Seasonal allergies are never fun for anyone. But, did you know that by adding an air purifier to your home, even if in just the living room or bedroom, that you can experience a huge reduction in your symptoms flaring up? Find out specifically how an air purifier can help combat hay fever caused by pollen and other allergens.

Photo of Asthma InhalerAsthma

The number of people who suffer from asthma continues to grow each year. In the United States alone 1 in 12 people have asthma. And, a big trigger for asthma attacks is the inside air quality of our homes. Find out how one of the best uses for air purifiers is to help reduce asthma symptoms and make it easier to breathe while indoors.

Photo of Dust on FloorDust

You may or may not know this, but the organic and inorganic particles that make up dust inside our homes can be harmful to your health. Some people even suffer severely from dust mite allergies. Discover how an air purifying system can help to keep your home dust free and aide in a healthier life.

Photo of Mold on WallMold

We all know how harmful mold spores can be to our health. Especially to those of us that are surrounded by toxic mold exposure inside our homes or at work. Find out how air purifiers can eliminate airborne mold spores before they ever have a chance to enter into your lungs.

Photo of a Pet DogPets

Did you know that you can reduce allergic reactions to pets by installing a portable air purifier inside your house? Did you also know that you can use this same device to eliminate pet hair from collecting all over your rooms? If not, take a look at this section to find out how an inexpensive air purifying device can be a tremendous help.

Photo of Cigarette and LighterSmoke

Are you a smoker who wants a fresh smelling home while continuing to smoke in it? Or, are you someone who inherited a dwelling that came from a smoker? Fortunately, you can get rid of stubborn smoke and its odor quickly and easily with a specialized air purifier product. Find out what this device is and other ways to clean up smoke smells.