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If you have a Taotronic humidifier, you may be a bit perplexed on how to go about cleaning the unit — but we’re here to help. This is a complete guide on the best way how to maintain and how to clean Taotronics humidifier.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Humidifier

Many people don’t realize that while humidifiers can make your space a lot more comfortable, they need proper maintenance to work efficiently and maintain your air quality so you and your family can stay healthy.

These are the most common consequences of a dirty Taotronics humidifier:


Humidifiers are an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew. When bacteria and mold grow inside a humidifier, mold spores disperse into the air with every spray. Mold in the air is extremely harmful to your overall health.

You can wind up suffering from allergies, fever symptoms, sneezing, rashes, and other irritating side effects. Don’t assume your humidifier is clean if you can’t see anything from the outside; it is likely bacteria are growing that are not visible.

Dirt and Dust

Dirt, dust, and debris can get inside your humidifier, clogging the sprayer or letting toxins into the water tank. This is normal because dust and other particles will naturally drift around your space, like skin and hair cells or pet dandruff.

When these tiny particles enter your humidifier, they can deteriorate the inner parts. Humidifiers can last up to eight years if maintained, and a crucial aspect of maintenance is removing tiny particles that can compromise the unit.


Unpleasant odors can emanate from your humidifier if you let the water sit too long or don’t clean it thoroughly. Mold, mildew, and stale water can all lead to a swampy kind of smell that is very offputting in your home.

Not only is this undesirable for you and your family, but it can be embarrassing when you have guests over. Cleaning your humidifier with an antibacterial is a simple solution to this disgusting problem, so don’t let your humidifier get to the point that it exudes a terrible odor.

Humidifiers should never smell bad, but that doesn’t mean they can’t smell good! You can add things to your humidifier water to produce pleasant smells, but first, you have to clean it.

How To Clean Taotronics Humidifier

how to clean taotronics humidifier
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Follow these steps to a squeaky clean Taotronics humidifier so you can breathe well in your home.

1. Unplug Humidifier

The first step when cleaning any appliance that uses electrical power is to unplug it from the outlet.

Turn off the humidifier, unplug it, and bring it to a clean surface nearby a sink. You should never submerge the base or entire unit in water. This may result in irreparable damage to the appliance.

2. Remove Filter

If your Taotronics humidifier model features a filter, this should be removed first and rinsed out in lukewarm water. It’s best to wear rubber gloves as the natural oils in your fingers can slowly destroy the filter.

Rinse the filter under a warm stream of water until the water runs clear. Place the filter in a cool, dry space, where it can air dry while you clean the rest of the filter.

3. Remove Water Tank

Remove the water tank by either lifting it straight up or turning it until it comes free. Dump out the old water and rinse the tank in warm water.

4. Create Cleaning Solution

There are four different cleaning solutions you can make that will effectively remove mold and kill bacteria.

The four options are a gallon of warm water mixed with:

  • A teaspoon of bleach
  • A cup of distilled white vinegar
  • A 50/50 mix of water and citric acid
  • Two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide

These substances are either antimicrobial, antibacterial, or antifungal and will kill any bacteria living on your humidifier. You can create this solution and pour most of it into your water tank, and set it aside to soak. It should soak for at least 20 minutes and no longer than 1 hour.

5. Wipe Down Humidifier

Take a sponge or microfiber cloth, dip it in the solution, and wipe down every inch of your humidifier. Every nook and cranny you can get to should be cleaned.

While most bacteria live in the sprayer and the water tank, bacteria can also grow on the outside of the humidifier that gets wet.

6. Clean Thoroughly

Use the sponge or cloth to scrub the inside of the water tank that has been soaking for a while. Make sure you remove any spots or layers of residue that may have built up, these are likely pink mold.

Visually inspect the unit to ensure there are no spots or buildup left on the tank. Do not skip this step! Hold the tank up to a light and really inspect it. Leaving bacteria or mold behind will put you and your family at risk and worsen over time.

7. Rinse Out

Fill up the water tank in your sink and dump it out 3-4 times. You want to remove all the cleaning solution, so it isn’t sprayed into your air. Rinse it out until it no longer smells strongly of the solution.

8. Dry and Reassemble

It’s always best to let all parts of the humidifier air dry rather than wiping it down with a towel. Air drying is the safest way to let things dry because there are no bacteria left by a towel.

It should take 1-3 hours for the entire unit to dry, so plan on not having a humidifier for a few hours. And when it’s done reassemble the unit, filter, then tank, then replace it and plug it in.

Bottom Line

Humidifiers are a saving grace to people that live in dry climates and have a stuffy atmosphere in their houses. But if you neglect to clean your humidifier, it could make your air quality worse and possibly cause health issues.

Follow the cleaning steps in this guide weekly to keep your Taotronics humidifier in tip-top shape for you and your family.


How often should I change the water?

The water in your humidifier should be changed every day. It may sound annoying, but make it part of your morning or nightly routine so you’ll always have fresh water in your Taotronics humidifier.

How often should I clean my Taotronics humidifier?

The best practice is to clean the humidifier following the steps in this guide once a week. Don’t wait longer than two weeks to give your appliance a thorough cleaning.