Photo of Portable Air Conditioners and Money SavingsThose in charge of paying the household expenses are the first to become concerned when it comes to opening that monthly energy bill.

While the colder months of the year require lots of love from the furnace, summertime can be just as expensive due to the high cost of running a central air conditioning system.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to get the best of both worlds and save money doing it.

One of the easiest ways to cut back on your energy costs is to utilize a portable air conditioning unit. By doing so, home and business owners can benefit in a variety of money-saving and comfort-keeping ways.

The average window and portable AC unit cost between $100 and $300, and about $20 to $40 per month to operate. This is a small investment when you consider how much well-made unit can do for you, your home, and your bank account.

Some think that portable air conditioners are useless or unsightly, but a lot of the modern units are high-tech looking and have a lot of powerful functions. Check out our recommendations for the best portable AC unit to see what we mean. Additionally, we have a buyer’s guide on finding the top cheap portable AC unit if you want to save the most amount of money.

Portable air-cooling machines have come a long way since the 1990s, and now there are several things that make them a solid choice for today’s shrewd homeowner.

The following are the top benefits associated with using a high-quality portable air conditioner.

Customize the Coolness

The size of your home or office is not important until it’s time to choose the BTUs of your future air conditioner. With enough shopping, it’s possible to find a single unit that can accommodate any sized space.

Portable units can reduce the cost of indoor temperature control by allowing you to target one room at a time, and when run on a schedule, can even take the place of your existing central air system by keeping only high-traffic areas cool.

Enjoy Year-Round Temperature Management

Having a central air conditioning system is no reason to forego the money-saving benefits of using a portable unit.

Such an investment can help keep your energy costs manageable all year long, especially when the unit is used with a central system that stays running at a higher temperature.

Some portable units even have heating capabilities, adding to their year-round value.

Fun Features

Some portable air conditioners look and function more like high-tech gadgets than simple air conditioning units.

Rule of thumb: the more features the machine has, the more likely it is to save you some serious cash.

Some of the nicest machines on the market come equipped with apps and other features that allow homeowners to control temperatures all day long, whether they are at home or away. Keep temperatures up when nobody is home, but adjust the temperature to something more comfortable before you get back (without running the central AC system for no reason).

Multi-Tasking Abilities

There are lots of portable air conditioners out there that double (or even triple) as several machines in one. For example, some units are air dehumidifiers and/or HEPA filtrated air purifiers as well as powerful air conditioners.

Just remember, the BTU is still a good indication of how much space will be affected by a multi-tasking portable unit.

TIP: The higher the BTU of the machine, the more space the unit will cool.

Make Your Home More Efficient

Central air conditioning units are notorious for using a lot of energy. Portable units are known to run much more efficiently, not to mention they are super easy to install and maintain.

While central AC has its benefits, installation can be extremely expensive and upkeep is always a chore. Customization is out of the question, so to cool one specific area the entire system has to be powered on.

Many portable units now come with a programmable timer which helps you gain better control over electric costs.

The Final Verdict

Portable air conditioning machines are bringing convenience back to homes and businesses that had previously used central air for that same reason.

In a fast-paced and expensive world, finding ways to save money on your creature comforts is always a blessing. While some portable air conditioners may seem heavy and cumbersome at first, post-installation enjoyment levels are on right on par to make portable models the number one way to cool down.