Graphic of Different AllergensIf you’ve started to notice that your allergy symptoms are getting worse while at indoors, you most likely have a hidden allergen problem.

However, learning how to control allergies at home is not as hard as it may seem.

In this article, we’ll show you some allergy relief home remedies that anyone can do.

If you want to experience fewer allergy symptoms while inside, these tips should help.

Find the Source

While some people may have allergic reactions to multiple things, more often than not there’s usually one allergen in particular that they’re highly allergic too.

Regardless of what the allergen is, it always sets off any combination of red eyes, sneezing, coughing and/or an itchy rash.

Sometimes you may already know what you’re allergic too, such animal dander, dust or seasonal pollen, but if you’re really not sure what the source is you can have your doctor perform a skin test to determine the culprit.

Once the source of your allergies is discovered, you can then try to eliminate it or control it.

If you’re allergic to animals, the best solutions are to keep them away from your face and to clean regularly in order to remove flecks of dander that they shed. And, if possible, keep them out of certain rooms you regularly use, like a living room or bedroom.

If you’re allergic to dust, the same thing is true – a thorough and routine cleaning is a must for keeping your allergies under control.

If pollen is your major obstacle, one of the easiest ways to keep it at bay is to keep your windows and doors shut at all times.

Use an Allergy Air Purifier

No matter what type of air allergy you have, one of the best ways for how to control allergies is to place a portable air purifier inside your home.

This device is designed to pull in and trap all types of allergens, keeping you allergy-free.

Take a look at our article on the best air purifier for allergies to learn more about this type of home product.

Clean up the Clutter

Here’s something you may not know, clutter inside your home actually makes allergies worse.


Because, the more clutter that’s lying around, the more places allergens have to collect. This makes it so much easier for these particles to recirculate back into the air and cause you problems.

So, cleaning up the mess and keeping things organized is the best solution here. If there are things that you do need to keep close by, place them inside a plastic bin with a lid. This will keep the items out from the open and reduce the number of areas allergens can collect in your home.

If possible, Get Rid of Carpet

Carpet is a known breeding ground for allergy particles to hide. Whenever we walk through a room that has carpet, some of these allergens get kicked back up into the air. Once airborne, they start causing allergy symptoms to flare up.

One of the least known allergy relief home remedies is to get rid of the carpet that is inside your home and expose wood flooring that’s underneath (or lay new down). This will eliminate the opportunity for allergen particles to collect on this surface. If you have area rugs, consider removing those too. The less carpeting you have, the better.

If you can’t remove the carpet in your place, the next best thing is to perform a weekly cleaning using a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter. This filter is the best remedy for stripping particles that cause allergies out of the carpet.

Check All House Plants

Many people don’t know this but houseplants can harbor mold. It mostly collects on the leaves, but any brief passing of wind can send the mold spores into the air and cause you breathing problems.

To keep on top of things, check the leaves regularly and remove any leaves to look moldy. Also, make sure to never let the water pool in the pot. This increases the chance of mold forming on your plants and also attracts nasty bugs.

Lastly, Ask Your Doctor about the Latest Treatment Options

Every year, more and more medications are being released to the public to combat all types of ailments.

If you haven’t asked your doctor within the past year about what the newest treatment options are available for your specific kind of allergies, now is the time to ask. You may be surprised at what new medicine has been released and how effective it can be for your allergy symptoms.