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Are you thinking about buying a Febreze air purifier, but not sure which one is right for you?

Or are you wondering if Febreze air purifiers live up to their claim of improving the air quality in your home and making it smell fresh and clean?

If so, you’ll find the answers you need on this page.

Our Febreze air purifier reviews will highlight the top-selling models and help you determine which one may be the right one for your needs.

Getting rid of allergens and other issues in the air is essential to reduce allergy symptoms and improve your health.

And the Febreze HEPA type air purifiers could be just what you’re looking for when it comes to making the air in your home clean.

So, let’s check out the specifics of each one of these best air purifiers and see what each model has to offer.

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Febreze Air Purifier Reviews

When looking for Febreze air purifiers, you’ll find that they come in three versions:

While each air purifier has a different model number, you’ll find that each one works just about the same.

The only difference is the room size that each product can handle and the exterior design.

We’ll get into the exact details of that later in this guide, but for now, just know that the great thing about all of these air purifiers is that they not only filter and clean the air, but they also have a feature that pumps scent into the room.

With a Febreze air purifier, you’ll have clean air and a fresh-smelling room that’s more pleasant and enjoyable to be in.

Febreze Air Filter Types

All Febreze FHT air purifiers use a dual-action filter to remove contaminants, odors, and allergens from the air, and a scent cartridge to add a pleasant aroma to the room.

  • The HEPA-type filter removes 99% of pollutants down to 2 microns in size. This includes dust, pet hair and dander, pollen, and smoke.
  • The Odor-reducing pre-filter eliminates odor molecules that pass through it to help your home smell fresh.
  • The Scent Cartridge that comes with the purchase is a Linen & Sky fragrance.

Over time and use, the dual-action filter will get full and need to be replaced. It’s recommended that you only use Genuine Febreze Filters with since the 3rd party filter manufacturers don’t always fit well.

How often you need to replace the dual-action filter depends on how often you run the machine and how many pollutants are in the air. Fortunately, these Febreze air purifiers come with an indicator light that lets you know when the filter needs to be replaced.

For best performance, it’s recommended that you replace the filter every 4 months, regardless of what the indicator tells you.

In addition to the dual-action filter, these air purifiers also come with optional scent cartridges that can pump a pleasant smell into your room. You can use your machine with or without this feature and it will still purify the air.

Like with the dual-action filter, it’s recommended that you only use genuine products when replacing the scent cartridges. When the scent sticks do need to be replaced, there’s also an indicator for that.

Febreze Air Purifier Room Size Coverage

Room size coverage is where each of the Febreze FHT air purifiers differs and each one is made for a particular size room.

  • Febreze FHT190W covers up to 170 square feet (medium-size rooms)
  • Febreze FHT180W covers up to 120 square feet (small rooms)
  • Febreze FHT170W covers up to 80 square feet (personal spaces)

CADR Rating

To ensure that air filter manufacturers are offering customers the highest quality products, some choose to conduct independent tests through the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) to get a Clean Air Delivery Rate Rating (CADR).

The tests are run to develop a score for how well the machine filters out dust, pollen, and tobacco smoke.

To be considered “efficient”, an air purifier should have at least a 2/3 rating for each number when compared to the square footage coverage.

All of the Febreze air purifiers reviewed here meet or exceed that qualification.

The CADR ratings for the Febreze FHT190W are:

  • Dust: 147
  • Pollen: 156
  • Smoke: 110

The CADR ratings for the Febreze FHT180W are:

  • Dust: 79
  • Pollen: 73
  • Smoke: 55

The CADR ratings for the Febreze FHT170W are:

  • Dust: 68
  • Pollen: 65
  • Smoke: 55

Febreze Air Purifier Top Features

When it comes to the features on the Febreze FHT air purifiers, each version comes equipped with the same benefits:

  • 3 cleaning levels
  • Electronic indicators for when it’s time to replace the filter or scent cartridge
  • Manual controls
  • A dial to control scent intensity
  • Energy Star Certified

Febreze Air Purifier Design and Size

Febreze FHT-190W

Febreze FHT190W

As the largest of the Febreze air purifiers, this machine is tower-shaped for maximum air intake and blowing capabilities. It measures:

  • Dimensions: 8.7″ (W) x 25.8″ (H) x 10.2″ (D)
  • Weight: 8.84 pounds

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Febreze FHT-180W

Febreze FHT180W

It’s practically identical to the to Febreze FHT190W but has a smaller height and lighter weight, making it more compact and easier to carry. It measures:

  • Dimensions: 8.7″ (W) x 17.3″ (H) x 10.2″ (D)
  • Weight: 5.91 pounds

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Febreze FHT-170W

Febreze FHT170W

As the smallest of the Febreze air purifiers, this version has a boxier shape and is designed to sit on a table or other surface that’s close by. It measures:

  • Dimensions: 12.7″ (W) x 6.8″ (H) x 9.7″ (D)
  • Weight: 5.02 pounds

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Who are these Febreze Air Purifiers for?

While all of these Febreze air purifiers can benefit any home, they work best for places that have the following issues:

  • Excessive pet dander.
  • Places with moderate amounts of tobacco smoke.
  • People with a sensitivity to allergens, including dust and pollen.

Since these air purifiers are also equipped with a scent cartridge, they can be great for homes with the following:

  • Pet odors
  • Active families who are involved in sports.
  • Areas that trap cooking odors.
  • People who are sensitive to foul odors.

Febreze Air Purifier Warranty Information

While these are some of the cheapest air purifiers you can buy today, the company doesn’t skimp on the warranty coverage.

These air purifiers come with a 3-year warranty that covers defects that result from defects in workmanship or materials. It will not cover issues that result from commercial, supplemental, abusive or unreasonable use damage.

What Others Have to Say About Febreze Air Purifiers

Still not sure which of these air purifier models is right for you?

Check out more Febreze air purifier reviews on Amazon to see what others have to say about them.

We hope those comments and this review are beneficial in helping you make a final decision.