Graphic of Honeywell LogoHoneywell has continuously been ranked as one of the top recommended companies by allergists for producing the highest quality air purifiers on the market.

This company knows the market so well, that instead of forcing people to rely on just two or three of their products to help with allergies, asthma and other breathing conditions, they’ve created a wide variety of air cleaners to best match your specific needs.

What you’ll soon discover in these Honeywell air purifier reviews is that no matter which air purifier you choose by Honeywell, it has been designed to enhance and improve the overall quality of air within your home using superior technology.

Take a look at the links below to learn more about each category of air purifiers Honeywell has developed and find out which model may be right for you.

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Honeywell Air Purifier Reviews

AirGenius Series

The AirGenius Series is the most popular line of air purifiers by Honeywell and has been specifically designed around two attractive features: 1) A permanent, washable ifD filter that captures up to 99.9% of microscopic allergens, and 2) a stylish tower design that allows it to fit anywhere.

The series provides a lot of air purifying power.

Visit this section to find out more about these three products:

  • HFD300 AirGenius3
  • HFD310 AirGenius4
  • HFD320 AirGenius5

Find out more about how these products compare

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Allergen Remover Series

If you’re looking for an air purifier that can handle a room no matter how small or large, then a Honeywell Allergen Remover may be your best choice.

These Honeywell air purifier reviews cover everything you’d ever want to know about this line of air cleaners.

The Allergen Remover series by Honeywell has also received a lot of high ratings and positive comments by consumers. Why? Because, they offer the best combination of features and power at a reasonable cost.

Visit this section to find reviews for these top devices:

  • Allergen Remover HPA100
  • Allergen Remover HPA200
  • Allergen Remover HPA300

Find out more about how these products compare

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Tower Design

Within the last few years, Honeywell has started to design air purifiers in a vertical tower format. This design has been very popular among consumers because it allows you to place the air cleaner anywhere in a room.

Since these devices are thin and tall, placing them in the corner of a room is now an option and keeps them out of the way. This tower design is also considered very stylish among many homeowners and like how it complements the existing decor within their homes.

In this section, we’ll review these Honeywell Tower air purifiers:

  • HFD-110 QuietClean Tower with Permanent ifD Filter
  • HFD-120-Q QuietClean Tower with Permanent ifD Filter
  • HHT-090 HEPAClean Tower with HEPA-type Filter

Find out more about how these products compare

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Compact, Small and Portable

Not everyone wants an air purifier that’s built to purify a large space. Some of us just need a product that can be used in a small area, like an office or bedroom, or one that we can take with us on travel.

There’s no point in wasting money on an air cleaner that’s too powerful for the space you’re going to use it in or one you can’t transport. That’s why Honeywell offers compact, small and portable air purifiers to meet this specific need.

In this section you’ll find a review of these products:

  • HHT-011 Compact with Permanent HEPA-type Filter
  • HFD-010 QuietClean Compact Tower with ifD Filter

Find out more about how these products compare

We hope you enjoy this complete guide to Honeywell air purifier reviews and find the best device for your needs among the various options.

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